Over again

This is a story about Alice, not one of the best behaved students in the school but, will devastating things make her change her life around.
Her Mum doesn't know about her life at school, but will she find out? Alice has had a rough start in life but everyone thinks it's to late for her to turn it around.
Please read, the story is way better that the blurb.....


3. Another Peice of my heart gone

"Hi there Alice, um I need you to come to the hospital now. I will explain everything when you get here"
I didn't ask any questions I just walked out the house back down the road to Jane's, got in my car and drove.
All these emotions were running through my head..... Scared, worried. All these things what was happening,
why they wanted me there. Was it Ella, was it some one else I knew? Was it good news or was it bad news ?
To many questions.

I arrived at the hospital and went straight into where Ella was, when I saw Jane and Sarah just sat there with tears running down their face I assumed the worst.
"Guys what's happened, where's Ella?"
"Umm..... well she's had to go in for emergency surgery because the arteries caused another arterie to clot which was having an impact on her heart."
Tears started to formin my eye's, I can't lose another person in my life. Sarah walked up to me and gave me a hug which caused the tears to leave my eyes and stream
down my face.

"Hello there, we have some new's about your daughter, can I please talk to you alone Jane?"
"No it's fine what needs to be said can be said here inform on these two" It was brave of her.
"Um well we have had to move her up to intensive care, just so we can keep an eye on her."
"So I take it the operation worked and she's alright now?" The nurse just nodded.
While the nurse left we thought it would probably be best to leave as well, I was going to stay at Jane's again. Just to give her a bit of company but in case anything happens in the night.

"How do you think she's going to do Alice?"
"Jane you want the truth? I think she's going to change, I thinkshe'll buck her idea's up and think before she does anything stupid again."

Again it was only a short journey home, the journey was silent; due to thought running through our heads.
We got into her house and I went and made us some dinner while Jane went of to gather some stuff up for Ella.

"Dinner's ready Jane" I cooked us some Spaghetti Bologna's.
"Thanks Alice" After dinner I washed up and we sat down and watched some t.v.
At about 11:00 we went to bed, it ad been a long and emotional last two days

"What why?"
"Ella's awake and she's been asking for us" I shot up out of bed and threw my sweats on.
We hopped into my car and wised to the hospital.

"Mum, Alice thank god your here" Her face was white, she was linked up to all these monitors and drips.
"Ella, what is it?"
"There's something I need to tell you, under my bed there is a little box. If I don't make it, Alice I want you to have it. Mum in my wardrobe there is a piece of paper
and it has everything you need to know on it."

"Ella, you will make it. It's all my fault that your in this situation, if I had never introduced you to them then you wouldn't be here" Seeing her in this sate broke my
heart she's my best friend and her life is on the line.
"Alice, don't you ever say that it's not your fault"
"Ella I want you to remember that you are my best friend and no one will ever take your place, you've been there for me 24/7 and your an amazing person. I don't want you to ever
forget that, I love ya Ella" Tears started running down my face and what tears Ella could produce also made an appearance.
"Alice your such a soffty, I love you to and you mean the world to me."
"I love you to Mum" just as she finished her sentence her monitors went mad and her eyes started to shut, the colour drained from her face and all the doctors raced in.
We were told to leave the room but we stood our ground and refused to move, after about 5 minuets the amount of doctors slowly decreased. I went over to the bed and held her hand.

As the last doctor left, the machines started to calm down. She still had no colour in her face and her limbs were flobby.
"Alex can you hear me? If you can move your finger" I could feel her trying to move her fingers but she was just to weak. It was late and we were starting to get tired, we must have fallen asleep
in the chairs and just as I was getting into deep sleep we were woken up with this long beeping. The Doctors entered the room once again, but this time they were applying CPR, oxygen and shocking.

"Time of death 3:33am" That sentance went straight through my ears and I crashed to the floor, she was gone my one and only best friend was gone.
"I'm so sorry, I'll give you a minute before I come back in" Jane just sat there. 
"But, you said she would be alright"
"I'm sorry Miss but sometimes they can just go down hill very quickly" I went over to where Ella was lying and gave her one final hug.

"I'll always remember you Ella, your always be with me" I went and gave Jane a hug, and then left her to say her goodbyes.
"Alice did you want to say good bye to her?" I didn't have any energy left to answer so I just walked into the room.
I gave her a kiss on the forehead.
"Ella, I can't believe you left us I know I wasn't always the best to you; but you could have told me and I would have changed. A bit of a dramatic way of telling me."
I gave her one last hug before walking towards the door, I couldn't keep the tears in anymore I crashed to the floor tears flooded out my eyes.

"Come on Alice, lets get you back." Jane was broken in side and I could tell she could have a break down at any moment.

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