Over again

This is a story about Alice, not one of the best behaved students in the school but, will devastating things make her change her life around.
Her Mum doesn't know about her life at school, but will she find out? Alice has had a rough start in life but everyone thinks it's to late for her to turn it around.
Please read, the story is way better that the blurb.....


4. A million things

We got back to Jane's house where I went staright up to the room I was staying in. I threw my head onto my pillow and let all my tears flow out, what ever make up I had on was now gone.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, when I pulled it out it lit up with a picture of me and Ella, I can't take this anymore. My life was basically me and her.


"Hey Alice, are you ok? Sarah just phoned me saying that she's text you 3 times and you haven't replied" I pulled my head up from the pillow only to reviel all my make up smudged, I had bright red eyes and my head was hurting.

"Ohh Alice come here" She pulled me in for a tight hug while she carried on speaking.

"Listen I know it's going to be really hard to let go, but she's in a better place" I couldn't take people telling me that they were in a better place anymore, there not. They had a life down here and now it's gone.

Thinking about all this I hadn't even had a phone call from my Mum, I better go and see her tell her whats happened. I pulled out of Janes hug and just walked out, a million things were running through my mind. I could hear Jane shouting in the back ground although to me it sounded like murmering. I was lucky, she didn't try coming after me.


I had forgotten that my Mum didn't know the real me, although I was only in sweats and what I was about to tell her I'm sure she would understand.

I walked up to the door and put my key into the key hole, and walked straight in.

"Who is it?"

I didn't say anything, in a way I felt hipmotised. Walking up the stairs and into my room I was comfronted with a wall full of pics, mainly of me and Ella. There were pictures everywhere, memories poring out of every picture. And here came the tears again, I felt a hand on my shoulder followed my a voice I know very well.

"It will be alright, were get through this"

"How can you say that, you can't just mosey on in here and say to me 'everything will be alright' because it won't, I haven't even had a supportive mother around this hole time"

"How dare you, you know that I support you that's why I work all the time. To give you what you want, to make sure your not one of the kids that don't have everything you want" I couldn't take this no more, I came round for some extra support and instead I just get into a fight. I slammed the door and went through my wardrobe, it was time for my mum to see the real me.

I pulled out some fresh under wear, tights with a pair of black sparkaly shorts, I put my crop top on that had the words 'Always with me' written on. I put my black eye liner on follower by mascara, I finished my look of with starighting my hair, my real hair that is. No more of the daughter my Mum want's me to be.

I steped out of my room and went down the stairs. I went to join my Mum in the lounge well that was until I heard her shout.

"what do you think your are wearing?"

"This is the real me" I take it she didn't really like it.

"Your hair, what have you done to it?"

"Mum it's been like this for ages, I hide it all from you. Just like the real me." I don't know how else I can say it.

"What do you mean you hid it? You leave and come back each day looking the same"

"YOU JUST DON'T GET IT, your hardly ever around to notice. Yeah I go out looking how you want me to look but when I use to get to Ella's I use to change" She was acting really starange and before I knew it she had grabbed a glass.....


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