keep believing

katie was booed at a talent contests at her school just because her older sister was a bully but can she turn it around when entering the new talent show on tv called "be a star" she just hopes that bad memories wont get in the way....


2. Audtion day.

I had to tell the others how couldn't i? It was inevitable, how could i just appear on the TV! Some congratulated me and said they would be watching others thought  i was crazy after the talent show all those years ago and walked away. Ashley said they were just jealous and they didn't have the nerve to do it! She was a great friend and always stuck up for me even through the bullies. It took me a while to descide on a song but eventually i decided on back to black. As me and Ashley got into the car i was so tense i felt like i couldn't breath! Ashley wanted to sing the whole way to Manchester,i said i shouldn't over do it. So Ashley sung on her own (so loudly) even Charlotte was getting annoyed, in the end i got so annoyed i told her to shut up. That kept her quite. She perked up when we got to the Hotel in Manchester it was great! Flat screen TV on the wall,a bath the length of a small swimming pool! the beds felt like velvet they were so soft. I didn't sleep much that night,partly because we had been playing twilight scene it? Half the time but the nerves were really getting to me, i could hear the whole crowd laughing at me like mad. When i woke up the next morning i was shivering every step i took.

When i was second in line and the presenters called my names and mum and dad had hugged me and Ashley had strangled me my legs were like jelly. When i got on the stage i nearly walked off again but i saw mum and dad's smiling faces i knew i should go on. A judge with a stern voice asked my name, i had to choke the words out, i looked at the sea of eyes upon me all waiting i began,throat dry, The first line went all wrong and i began again, suddenly it began to feel more normal ad the words were flowing out. When i was done everyone went silent, suddenly a huge roar broke out and one the judges told me i was through i stood there...rigid.

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