keep believing

katie was booed at a talent contests at her school just because her older sister was a bully but can she turn it around when entering the new talent show on tv called "be a star" she just hopes that bad memories wont get in the way....


1. 15th birthday

I heard that ever familiar beep of my alarm clock i groaned wearily looking round at my cluttered bedroom, my desk over flowing with song lyrics and my guitar in the corner i heard stomping along the landing my sister ran in, "Its ya birthday, its ya birthday!" she chanted excitedly. I smiled at her wearily, her bed hair even crazier than my own. I felt a small pang of excitement in my head but even so my lolled back on to my pillow. "Everyone is waiting for you in the kitchen!" she said jumping around. "Charlotte i'm not even ready yet." i moaned, sloping out of bed. "Well don't be to long." she yelled skipping out of my room. I pulled my fave weekend clothes on ( i like french style clothes for the weekend) i pulled my brush through my curly, long, chestnut hair took a quick glance in the mirror and went downstairs mum, dad, and Charlotte were waiting for me at the breakfast table they all smiled at me i walked over and sat on the seat next to them. Mum pushed a brightly rapped present towards me i opened it slowly inside was an ipod touch! "Thankyou so much!" i said gratefully. Charlotte's face was red she looked like she was going to burst. "look at this" she said excitedly. She thrust a envelope into my had, TO KATIE, it said. I tore it open, inside was another red glossy envelope  ( I decided to be a bit more careful with this one) My hands were trembling now i new it was something important. There was a gold star on the back of the letter i turned it over and began to read:



Dear Miss Katie Black,

Congratulations! you have won the random," be a star" draw! We are looking for a 13th surprise member to the show and you have been selected to come an audition on the 16th June. We wish you the best of luck,

sincerely, The Be a Star team. I looked up from the letter not sure what to say. "wow" i said quietly "better get practicing!" dad said. I nodded and ran up to my room clutching the letter. " What the heck was i going to sing?!" Then i  remembered something i would much rather forget, or rather how could i forget. Five years ago at my primary school talent contest i decided to sing umbrella by Rhianna. I practiced loads and hoped that people would like it. WRONG! my older sister who has now left home was a bully at the time and everyone hated her. The teachers stood round the back of the hall looking sorry for me while everyone else shouted, "hay that's Milly's sister!" and others shouted "Your a coward just like your sister!" i was Bullied ever since. But i have my friend Ashley, come to think of it i had to tell her! I swiped my phone of the bed side table scrolled down my contacts and touched Ashley. Beep Beep Beep Beep, "Hello?" said Ashley plainly. "YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT!" I shouted excitedly "what what?" said Ashley."Ive been picked for the 13th member of Be a star! "no!" shouted Ashley down the phone amazed, "oh yes!" i said she screamed wildly for what seemed like forever. At that moment mum walked in "darling the company just called and said you can bring one friend as well as family members and the auditions are live on tv" I knew exactly who was coming with me. "Ashley?" i began "yeah?" she said "apperntly i can bring one friend with me sooooo..... do you want to come with me?" "Oh my gosh yeah!" "cant wait what day?"" Saturday!" i said "sure i will be over in the morning." She put the phone down and so did i. what am i going to sing?


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