This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


25. The US

I never expected my first time to the States to be so amazing. The United States of America was even more gorgeous than it was in pictures. The coast lines, the warm weather, the people. It was all new to me. But then again, the warm weather and coast lines came from being in Miami. I knew for a fact from a few friends who had been to the states that there are cold cities like Chicago and New York. I was lucky enough to get the gorgeous city of Miami in Florida.

We've just landed. Hope your flight was well xx

I sent that to Jade and then continued to text my mother who was probably freaking out at home, wondering if my plane crashed or something freaky like that but of course, she sent me the quickest text back saying she loves me and that everyone is sending their love and support. I put my phone in my purse as I walked down the street beside Janet with a smile. Janet Devlin had a crazy unique voice and it was killer. She was tough competition but she was a sweet girl who I was quick to make friends with.

I no longer had Jade by my side. She was put into a group with three other groups who had just as beautiful voices, including Leigh Anne whom we had spazzed out with after we found out we were through. When Jade and I were saying goodbye, I wished them all luck and hoped for the best for not only Jade's sake but for all of them. It would be tough to watch people's dreams get destroyed.

"It's so beautiful!" Misha chirped as I bounded over to where the ocean water was only hitting my ankles. I smiled at her, giggling. It's the only thing I could do. It was beautiful here. I was in awe. Miami was gorgeous and the sun was hitting me, making my skin prickle with a wonderful sensation. I slid my sunglasses over my eyes, smiling at the feelings that came over me.

"Hey, you look a little hot there, Bri," A voice spoke. I looked up at Sarah Watson, one of the few girls also in my category. As soon as my eyes fell to her, she splashed me with water and my jaw dropped.

"Oh you're asking for it!" I called after her, cupping water in my hands and throwing it at her. Laughter filled the air around all of us girls as we began splashing each other, even Janet who couldn't have been any quieter. She was definitely a shy one, but she had a smile on her face, laughing as we all messed around. After a while, the boat came over and on we went, taking our journey to the house.

"Oh my gosh," Holly gasped, pointing in the distant. Kelly's house was gorgeous. Flat out flawless. It was very modern and very well built. When we pulled up, we all got out of the boat with the help of the guys who had helped us on the boat. As soon as my feet hit the deck, I took my time walking up to the house as the others all took off except Janet but she was still ahead of me.

I just thought. I wondered. I let my mind wander as I walked up towards Kelly's home. It was just too unreal for me. It felt like a dream. I honestly thought I was just going to wake up at one point and realize that this wasn't real. I thought I would wake up back at home without a boyfriend, and without a best friend. But in all reality, this was real and this was happening to me. I heard my name called and looked up. Sophie Reilly, another girl in my group, was waving for me to come up and I smiled, nodding as my trail of thought vanished. I caught up with the others who were enthusiastically talking about how beautiful this was.

Not even a minute later, we heard a door open and then Kelly walked out. She had a huge smile on her face as she maneuvered around the pool and towards where we were standing in a little pack. She didn't walk down the three little steps but I didn't expect her to. She waved her arms in the air in greeting, "Welcome to Miami!"

It was hard not to cheer along with the other girls as they hooted cheerfully. It was hard to deny the smile that made its way onto my face. From the second I found out Kelly was my mentor, I was thrilled. My mentor was someone whose music I used to listen to on my radio at home. I never thought a day in my life I would ever meet Kelly Rowland but I had.

"So girls, this is going to be so hard but I need you to be excited like you are now. I need you to be confident. Today is extremely important," And it was. Every word Kelly said was noted in my head but my attention snapped to her again when she mentioned her guest judge, "And my guest judge is phenomenal and extremely talented and she's going to help me out tons so I'd like to welcome the amazing Taylor Swift."

Taylor Swift. Kelly Rowland. Wait, Taylor Swift? Yeah. Taylor freaking Swift walked out right in front of my eyes. The same woman who sang some of my favorite songs. Two amazingly talented singers who I had listened to growing up. It was unreal. People would die for this experience and here I was, living it.

"Are you girls excited?" Taylor asked as she turned to us. We all nodded in agreement and I found myself nodding as well, a smile on my lips that I tried to hide. "You're nervous, right?" As we all agreed again, I found a giggle escape my lips as a few of the others laughed as well, "I know exactly how you feel 'cause I was once in your position," True that. Yes you were, Taylor.

"Oh my god," Sarah whispered quietly. I could hear the excitement in her voice but chose to ignore it as I heard Holly whisper something back to her. My eyes were focused on Taylor.

"I can't wait to see you girls give your best," Taylor said and then it happened. Bam! I made eye contact with TAYLOR SWIFT. It wasn't that I thought Taylor was better than Kelly. I was just comfortable around Kelly. She had given me my dream thus far and I loved her. Taylor was a different story. Never met her. Never talked to her. She hasn't heard me sing. And she just sent me a small smile in which I returned, "Sing like you never sang before. That's all I'm saying for now."

With that, she laughed gently and we all clapped. Unreal. After a few more words, we were left to practice songs, to just enjoy things around the house. I had my song in mind. That didn't mean I was sure it would get me through. I was terrified. My nerves were taking over and this time, I had no one there to give me a reassuring smile or give me a good luck hug. I was doing this alone. But I knew I could do it. I had an interview to do before. It reminded me of something I'd see on television and it was unreal to think that this would be on television. This little bit would most likely be on an episode.

"I'm a bit nervous," I nodded slightly and giggled to the camera. It was an accident for me to laugh but judging by the smile on the cameraman's and the crew member's faces, it was alright, "But I'm here for a reason, y'know. I'm here to sing. It's why I auditioned. It's a bit hard to believe that thousands, maybe even millions of people had auditioned and they chose me, just an average 17 year old girl from Wolverhampton."

The guy standing beside the cameraman was smiling a bit but beckoned for me to continue and I couldn't fight the smile on my face as I giggled, putting my hands to my lips, causing the crew members to hold back their laughter but couldn't fight the smile. I just bit my lip and nodded.

"I think I have to thank my friends and family too. Without them, I probably wouldn't be here. I always had the dream to be a star, you know. I wanted to perform since I was a little girl and one day, my mum came in and just flat out told me that I was going to London to audition for the X Factor. I owe it all to her for getting me here and I hope I do her and the rest of my family proud because they've been here every step along the way, believing in me and I don't want to let them down," With that and the tears welling up in my eyes, I was done and they called cut as I hopped off of the stool I was sitting upon. They then ushered me off to get ready for my performance as Janet went to get the little interview.

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