This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


12. The Right Choice


"Are you sure we have to see this movie?" I questioned. We were sitting in the theater in one of the top rows. Niall's arm was draped over the back of my chair and I was eyeing the screen warily even though the only thing on it was the previews. Niall had suggested we see a scary movie.


"Yes. Everyone sees a scary movie on their first date," Niall commented. I turned to him, raising my eyebrows, "Because the girl always gets so scared and comes crawling into our arms."


"Oh, is that right?" I asked, moving my body to the complete opposite side of the seat. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling my body to his.


"You know you can't sit away from me. You'd be too scared."


"Cocky, are we?" I kidded. He smiled and I snuggled into his side. I liked being with Niall. He made me smile a lot and his sense of humor had me laughing all the time. He was very sweet and made me feel prettier than any other boy I had ever met (besides my dad, of course). The way he held me and the way he smiled at me had the butterflies in my stomach going crazy yet I found myself completely calm around him, like I could be myself.


"That movie was completely un-necessary," I told Niall as we walked out of the theatre. Our fingers were laced again, his hand embracing mine in a warm hold. He tugged on my hand, pulling me closer to him, causing me to laugh as his arms wrapped around me. He placed a kiss on my head.


"But I was there to protect you, wasn't I?" He questioned. I smiled and nodded.


"Yes, you were very heroic," I agreed. He smiled at me and as I looked at his lips, I felt the urge to kiss him. So I slowly pressed up on my feet to stand on my tippy toes and kissed him lightly. His hands fell to my hips, pulling me a bit closer as he returned the kiss. My arms wrapped around his neck, clasping my hands in the back. We slowly pulled apart and he smiled.


"I should take you to scary movies more often."


"Maybe. But then you'd have to protect me too."


"Well that's easy," He scoffed. I laughed and he leaned down, kissing me again. After a few seconds, he pulled away, "Are you hungry?"


"A bit," I nodded. He took my hand, leading me away from the theater, "We can go to the diner right there. They have good chips!" Niall agreed to going to the cute little diner beside the theater and we walked in, hand-in-hand. We found a booth and slid into it. I looked around, seeing one other couple and a couple with two kids and a table of kids that seemed to be in their first year of high school.


"Hello cuties, what can I get for you?" The waitress asked as she arrived at our table. She had a bubblegum smile with a pretty face. She seemed to be in her mid-forties and happier for us that we were together than we were.


"Can I get a cheeseburger and chips and a vanilla milkshake? And for the lady," He glanced at me as if sizing up what I could eat, "The same."


"Of course!" She chirped. She went to put our order in and I turned to Niall.


"Already taking my order for me?" I questioned playfully.


"I hope you like it because it's what you're eating," He gave me a toothy grin and I laughed.


"You're lucky I do. Otherwise, we'd have a problem."


"Doubt it."


I found it easy to talk to Niall. We managed to keep steady conversations throughout the entire night and I loved talking to him. He made it easy to keep a conversation. When our food arrived, we had stolen each other's food and he kept making me laugh, earning smiles from the other couple in the restaurant, our waitress who would pass by from time to time and the teenage girls were looking over at us from time to time.


"Those guys over there keep checking you out," Niall confessed, glaring passed my head. I laughed, nudging his arm and he looked back at me.


"Well quit looking! The girls keep looking at you too, but I'm ignoring it. You want to know why? Because you're mine and not theirs," I stated firmly. He looked at me with a happy look.




"Yes, you are mine, Niall Horan."


"Am I now?"


"Yes, so ask me to be your girlfriend before I go over to one of those boys and decide I want to date one of them instead."






"Kidding, kidding," He chuckled. He smiled at me, "Briana, will you be my girlfriend?"


"I would love to," I smiled. A smile seemed to be permanently glued to our lips the rest of the night. Niall had not accepted any of my money to pay for dinner. He had paid for the movie and dinner. As we left, we had a little argument about it and he made sure that it was imprinted in my mind that I knew he would always pay for everything, even more now that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Boyfriend and girlfriend.


Holy crap, Niall Horan was my boyfriend.


As we reached my front door, I realized something. I hadn't thought about Miles once. Miles never even crossed my mind when I was with Niall. When we walked into the living room and everyone greeted us, I felt Missy's eyes on me, as if waiting for me to say it. As I swept passed her, I leaned into her and whispered the five simple words...


"I made the right choice."

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