This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


43. The End of Me

The noise that came out of my mouth was inhuman. The crowd burst into cheers as tears welled up in my eyes, my hands flying to my mouth. Kelly spun to me, tearing me into her arms, squeezing me so tight, I couldn't breathe but I already wasn't so it didn't matter. She wrapped an arm around me as she led me backstage with a huge smile on her face.

"So proud of you, babe. I knew you could do it," Kelly was telling me as she walked back stage. She gave me one last squeeze before leaving me. I headed back and the second I walked into the room where everyone was, I burst into sobs. I felt multiple arms wrap around me as they all congratulated me, telling me that I was okay and I was safe. After I calmed down, we all sat down to watch Frankie and Nu Vibe.

"You probably got the most votes anyways, Bri," Leigh Anne reassured. I sat in-between Jesy and Jade who were both holding my hands to comfort me. I was long over crying but they were still there and I was glad to know that they were there to comfort me. Patrick jumped over the couch behind me so I was now sitting in-between his legs. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into them lovingly.

"Some big loving for my girl," Misha had hugged me so tight.

"You probably got the most votes," Janet agreed.

Frankie ended up being saved. As happy as I was, I was also sad to see the boys from Nu Vibe leave. It was emotional and I could only imagine how much harder this competition was going to get. I changed out of my dress and into an outfit Lou had given me. I walked out of my dressing room, nearly bumping into a body but two hands steadied me so I wouldn't break my ankle.

"Woah," I blurted out. I looked up, "Sorry Frankie," I smiled sheepishly and he laughed.

"No problem, Bri. Next time, I might not be there to catch you," He winked and I nudged him as we walked down the hall together, talking and reminiscing over the past. Or many minutes ago when he had to fight for his spot and I was safe. Frankie and I were just friends. We really were. Sure, we flirted but Frankie flirted with everyone. We were strictly friends.

"Frankie! Briana! Are you two dating?" People questioned us when we stepped out. What made them think we were dating? We definitely didn't look it. We weren't touching at all. The only thing that would even define as cute was how he allowed me to walk first like a gentlemen. No big deal.

"In you go," A security guard told us. Frankie and I slid into the car, being greeted by Craig, Misha, and Kitty. We greeted them with smiles and we talked the whole ride. Back at the house, we all raced for our bedrooms. Exhausted and ready to fall asleep.

I walked out of the bathroom with my hair tied up in a messy bun, my makeup off, teeth brushed and in my pajamas. I closed my bedroom door behind me, hopping over to my bed eagerly. I saw that my phone had a few new text messages. As I lay in bed, I scrolled through them. They were all from people I went to school with, family, and friends. I responded to most of them with thank-yous before I checked Twitter. I had more followers and I was mentioned in new tweets that I went through. I went through the trending topic of X Factor to see what people had to say.

IsabelleSays: Briana shouldn't have been the last one called! So glad she did though. Voted for her like 50 times, probably more :)#XFactor

moveslikevalerie: my mom thought I was dying when Briana's name was called because I started screaming so loud!! She is definitely my favorite #XFactor

ohanson87: Briana can sing and she's fit as hell. #XFactor

Bianca_Ohh: so glad Briana's safe! i voted so many times, i ran out of minutes! so worth it!! #XFactor

KylieStyles: crazy night! I was dying everytime dermot didn't call Briana's name! but woo woo she's safe! #XFactor

The tweets were wonderful and there were so many more just like it. I replied to a few of them before tweeting a goodnight and before I placed my phone on the table, I got another message. I groaned and pulled my arm back, curling into my bed as I opened the text message with no knowledge of who it was.

congrats again! you deserve it! good luck next week, i know you’ll kill it !! i love you x

I could murder him. I could literally destroy him and not care. His texts were killing me more and more every time I got one. I love you. Who adds that in there? Right. My ex-boyfriend who cheated on me. THAT'S OKAY. I don't care. I didn't respond but just ignored the text, putting my phone on my side table and curling up to fall asleep. My thoughts raced with Niall. The only thing my mind consumed at the moment was Niall. I couldn't even fall asleep now.

Niall Horan would be the end of me.

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