This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


27. The Decision

After a few words with Dermot, I was off. I went and relaxed in the sun so if I didn't get through, I can at least go back and say I got something. A tan. After a while, all of us girls were sitting around the water, tanning and just trying to laugh even though the nerves of all of us were fusing together and obviously creating the muscles in our backs to tense up. We were all scared. We didn't know whose dreams Kelly was going to make come true.

And we had to sleep on it.

"Good morning Bri," Melanie greeted when I walked in for breakfast. I smiled tiredly at her, ruffling Janet's hair as I passed her, making her giggle and wipe away some of the nerves I had. Janet was like my little sister. I was only a year older than her but we had a talk last night after we agreed on being room-mates and it just brought me closer to her and she was just a sweet, innocent little girl and she deserved the world with the voice she had.

They all looked so energized. So ready to find out if their dreams were going to come true. I was dreading it. If I made it through then someone else didn't. If I didn't make it through, well come on... my dreams would be crushed, don't you think? I managed to stomach a bit of breakfast, talking to the other girls but only occasionally putting my input in.

"Are you ready for today?" Misha asked as we sat, our feet in the pool. I squinted at the sun and raised my legs out of the water, letting the water run through the creases between my toes, tickling my feet as the droplets fell back into the water. I sunk my feet back into the water and slowly letting my lip go from the place it had between the two rows of teeth in my mouth.

"I don't know, to be honest," I admitted, "You?"

"No," She laughed and I smiled at her, turning to look at her. I nudged her.

"Don't worry."

"You either!" We laughed about it for a while as we splashed each other playfully but decided to give up because soon we would be walking over to Kelly who was deciding our futures and it probably wouldn't look so good if we walked over soaking wet.

"Good luck," I had wished that to Misha about a half an hour ago as they came to take her away. It killed me as I sat there alone, wondering how it went, wondering if Misha had made it, wondering if all of them had made it so far. Maybe I was setting myself up for nothing. I wasn't ready to hear Kelly tell me no. I wasn't ready for that kind of heart break but I tried to find the courage inside of me to keep my head up high.

"Briana, you're up, love."

The walk was one of the longest trips I'd ever made. I could see the back of Kelly's head as I turned around to head up to the little area where she sat. As I got closer, she turned around, maybe hearing the sound of my shoes against the wood of the dock. She smiled at me and I sent her a small one back. I wondered if she could tell how nervous I was but just shook it off, sitting down beside her as she greeted me.

"Hi Briana," She said softly. The kind of voice someone would use when they were going to crush your dreams. Or maybe that was my negativity kicking in. No. That was the "I've got news" voice. My mother used it all the time, "How are you feeling?"

"Nervous," I informed. She smiled warmly at me and placed a soothing hand on my shoulder before she moved it to the couch and looked at me, shifting and I bit my lip, ready to hear her talk.

"Briana, you are talented," Kelly began. I wasn't going to cry. Not yet, at least. I knew I was to just listen to her talk so I nodded along with her, "And I hope you know that. Your voice is so extraordinary. There's just something about it that gives me chills. I could listen to you sing all day. When you first walked onto that stage, I looked at you and there was something about you. You were so sweet, so serene and I wanted your shoes," She said and I giggled when she talked about my shoes and she smiled, "But you were so beautiful and just something made me want to hear your voice and then you did."

I sucked in a shaky breath, finally getting the overwhelming sensation run through me. I could feel the tears in the back of my eyes. I could feel the lump in my throat and just held it all back, knowing that this wasn't a time to cry. My mum taught me to keep my head up high, no matter what and I could imagine her watching this when the time came on television and just watching me as I sucked back all my fears and nodded to Kelly.

"And you blew me away. You had the audience at your feet, Briana. They loved you. We all loved you. You have a special gift. You had one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard and I need you to realize this. I need you to recognize what talent you have. I mentioned confidence. That I wanted to see confidence. It's hiding from you, sweetheart. Every time you perform, I see it a little bit of confidence but I need all of it. I need you to embrace the fact that you can make an audience dead silent. Every time you perform, you have a standing ovation. That doesn't happen to everyone," She said with a smile as I nodded.

My mum. My dad. Bella. Jason. Jonathan. Alex. The Boys. Missy. Niall. They would see this moment. People I saw every day, people I never met, people all around the world would be seeing this moment. I would be all over television screens, computer screens. People would see me from my audition to Boot Camp to performing in Kelly's house to this moment right now. To this moment where Kelly was going to tell me yes or no.

"When you perform, I don't see the sweet, innocent little Briana," She confessed. My eyes were glued to her, "I see this girl who's so beautiful and so talented who's going to make it so far," She shook her head in what? Disbelief? I felt my nerves clench. I could see the end of this coming. I could see her begin to finish up. She was setting me up for the end, "And I want to be there for it. I'm taking you through."

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