This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


3. Shopping with the Best

There were clear skies and bright sunlight when I woke up. Sunlight streamed through the main window in my room, lighting it up beautifully. There were birds chirping and children on the block playing outside already. The distant roar of employees heading to work broke through my window. Along with all the beauty of the morning came six obnoxious boys with a guitar, pots, and wooden spoons singing a "wake-up" song.

"Wake up, little one," Louis whispered in my ear. On instinct, my hand collided with his head and the guys all snickered quietly as I curled up, pulling the covers to me closer.

"Bri, wake up or we'll have to take aggressive action," Liam warned. I groaned and buried my face into my pillow. Not only was I dreading waking up, but I was dreading to know what I looked like this morning. Either the Lochness Monster or Godzilla, I didn't know and I didn’t want to find out.

"You asked for it," Harry hummed, "WAKE UP, BRIANA!"

Immediately, the banging of the pots and pans commenced and Niall strummed his guitar loudly as the boys sang their so-called song. They began jumping on my bed and using all of their effort to wake me up.

"I'M UP!" I shouted as a headache began forming in my head. I was now sitting up, looking up at the six boys. My eyes were barely open and I could only imagine my hair looked like a bird's nest.

"Morning, Bri," Niall smiled. I glared up at him and the boys all laughed but then that wasn't it. They proceeded to lift me up by my arms and legs and carry me all the way from my bed, out of my room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I heard my mom scolding the boys as they walked in and was glad someone was going to take my side in this. They lifted me up, plopping me into my chair.

"You boys are lucky Briana is so tiny! You could've hurt her. I asked you to wake her up, not murder her. Look at my poor, innocent girl," Her mother cooed, wrapping her arms around me from behind. She kissed the top of my head, smiling reassuringly at me and winking. I smiled at her.

"We're sorry, Bri," Jason apologized as our mother ordered the boys to say they were sorry. I looked at them, eyebrow cocked, but softened when I saw their eyes, shining under the kitchen light.

"Ah, you're forgiven," I giggled. They all grinned and bombarded the dining table.

After breakfast, I got ready for the day. I showered, did my hair in pretty curls that water falled down my back and dressed for the remainder of the day. I had agreed with Missy to go to the mall because I had saved the boys yesterday instead of actually buying anything. I bounded down the stairs to the sound of boyish laughter and the sound of my mother laughing and saying something to the boys.

"Mum?" I asked. All heads looked up at me, laughter slowly fading, "I'm heading out with Miss. If you need me, just ring."

"Alright, sweetheart, be careful! Call me on your way back; I'll need you to pick up dessert from the bakery! Remember, we're going to dinner at the Payne’s. They already knew you would ask if Missy could go and said yes, so if you'd like, get a new dress," Her mother said. I smiled at my mom, bid some good-byes to her and the boys, waving on my way out.

Missy's car pulled up and I hopped in. We headed off to the mall, immediately getting into a conversation about the five boys who had nearly won XFactor and who were staying in the house next door to my own. Missy knew Liam from always being over at our house as Liam was as well. They were just like brother and sister as well. So Miss was glad to hear Liam was back home.

"So that makes which one the cutest? You said Niall?" Missy asked as I nodded my head, "Well go for it, Bri. You're beautiful, so there's no doubt he can't like you. Plus you've got a personality and a brain unlike some cheap whore going after his up and coming fame and money."

I giggled at Missy's blunt personality. It was nothing new for Miss to say something like that. As we walked through the mall, we tried on clothes, we looked around at things, got coffee. Currently, we were in a store, trying on dresses for the dinner we were attending at Liam’s parents’ house

"Bri, come look at this dress," Missy called. I finished sliding into a red dress and stepped out, looking at my best friend. Her blond hair and ocean blue eyes complimented the teal dress she tried on. It hugged her curves, tight around her thin frame. It accented her eyes, making them stick out even more and with her hair, it all went perfectly. Her jaw dropped and my eyebrows knitted together, "Ohmygod, Briana Elizabeth Hill, you're getting it."

"What?" I asked in confusion. She pointed to my dress and I stepped in front of the mirror, glancing at the crimson dress on my body. It highlighted my skin, making it a little darker. It hugged my body just as Missy's had. It was short and red with sequin accents and a sweetheart neckline. It was pretty stunning if I do say so myself. It was also extremely expensive.

It was a hard decision but we both agreed to get the dresses and we purchased them before deciding we were shopped out. We headed back to my house. Miss pulled into the driveway and she brought in the bag with her, knowing she was going to get ready for dinner with me. We dropped the bags in the foyer and followed voices to the living room.

"Hey Bri. Hey Miss." Jason greeted. Missy and I smiled at Jason as the other five boys looked up.

"Missssssssssssss," Liam sang, shooting up and rushing over to her. She laughed as he lifted her up as he had with me when he saw me for the first time yesterday. He kissed her cheek and smiled at her, saying things along the same lines he had to me. Missy and I had really grown up and as much as we hated hearing it, we had become "beautiful young ladies".


"How was shopping?" Jason questioned as we sat down. I sat down on the loveseat beside Niall as he moved his feet so I could sit. Missy headed over to the couch where Liam was sitting with Zayn and sat between them.

"Lovely. Briana got a new dress and she looks amazing in it," Missy commented.

"That's a lie. Missy decided to start complimenting me after she ever so rudely ran me over," I corrected.

"BRIANA! You promised you understood it was an accident!" Missy whined. I giggled into my palm, looking at her as her eyes narrowed as she realized I was kidding, "You're a sly girl. You learned from the best and the best does not refer to anybody in this room, Jason." Missy turned to the boy who stretched his arms out with a growing smirk. Missy pointed at him, eyes narrowed as Jason stuck his tongue out childishly.

"If anything, she learned her sneakiness from Bells," Jason corrected as Missy agreed.

"No, Bella has no sneakiness. If she did, I wouldn't know that she's hiding behind that couch, ready to scare Liam by some spoon contraption she had made. Yes, Bella, I know you are there and you are caught red-handed, my dear sister," I said all in once. In that moment, Bella stood up with a frown, sending me a pout for ratting her out. Liam turned to face her with wide eyes. She had lost the innocence for a moment and replaced it with her sneaky, sly, witty prankster behavior as she always does when she ditches her violin.

"How do you always catch me?" Bella groaned, throwing her head back in exasperation.

"I know everything," I replied. I tapped my temple lightly, referring to my brain, "Motherly instinct, my dear."

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