This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


22. Second Time

News travelled fast that I had gotten through my audition with four yeses from the judges. My family was ecstatic, reassuring me that they were cheering for me all the way home in Wolverhampton. Bella, Jason, and Jonathan called me excitedly, telling me that they have been and always will be my biggest fans. I had so many fans already and to think, if I got through Boot camp, I'd have even more.


"Come on, Bri! Dance with me," Jade called, holding her hands out towards me. Jade was one of my first friends I had made after coming back to Croydon for Boot camp. We had been put together in a room at the hotel. We were close in age (well she's 19 and I'm 18, close enough) and we really hit it off once we got to our assigned rooms and found out we were room-mates. Despite the fact we were both in this for the same thing, going after the same dream; we knew it was too good to pass up being friends.


I smiled, laughing as Jade scurried over to me, grabbing my hands and pulling me up off of my chair. I laughed as we hurried to the dance floor and began moving our bodies to the beat of a Katy Perry song. There were tons of other contestants around us, dancing along but we didn't even really pay attention to them. We had been laughing the whole night, watching as drama embraced all the other contestants and we managed to go through unscathed.


"Hey Bri, you up?" Jade called quietly across the room. I shifted in my bed, turning onto my side to face where Jade's bed was and where she was glancing at me from underneath her covers.


"Yeah," I replied gently.


"Can't sleep?" Jade questioned.


"Not one bit," I laughed lightly and she smiled and I heard a quiet giggle escape her lips.


"Same. I'm nervous."


"Me too."


"Don't worry. You'll get through, babe. You've got an amazing voice," She commented reassuringly.


"Stop it, Jade. Your voice is gorgeous," I corrected modestly. She scowled, scolding me for not accepting my talent and it made me feel a bit better but it wasn't something to get cocky about. We talked for what seemed like hours before we both passed out from exhaustion. In the morning, we were awakened by some of the X Factor crew or management or something. Jade and I split up shower time, me going first, followed by her.


"Don't be nervous," I told Jade with a giggle as she brushed her teeth, looking like she was going to vomit. She sent me a look as she continued brushing her teeth and I smiled, finishing the final touch to my makeup. I let my hair down in its wavy course, my bangs flipped out across my forehead. I tugged on the bottom of my dress as I looked in the long mirror in our room.


"Stop fidgeting with your outfit. You look beautiful," Jade mocked but she said it genuinely as she smiled at me. I rolled my eyes at her, nudging her arm. When we were both done getting ready, we headed down to the studio, wishing each other luck as we went in opposite directions to our groups for the performance.


"I think we've got this down," One of the members of my group stated with a smile. His name was Patrick and I think he was like 33 or something like that. He was a nice guy. He had a cute little family and said he was doing this for his two daughters and wife.


My nerves started to kick in when we were brought to the backstage of Wembley Arena. It reminded me of auditioning all over again and yet again, my fate was in the hands of the four judges except this time, I wasn't singing alone, I had five other people singing with me.

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