This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


51. Not A Day Goes By

"Last night, these 11 acts sang for your votes and tonight one of them won't go through. This is the X Factor The Results," Dermot's voice echoed.

My mind flipped over the announcer's voice and then the VT as my fingers danced across the keyboard of my phone faster than they ever had before. I had a huge smile on my lips and Perrie and Jesy were giggling on each of my sides. Why do you ask?

BrunoMars: Just met this cute little lady at the X Factor today. Sweetest girl I've ever met. Everyone vote for @upthe_HILL !

I had just met Bruno Mars. He was one of the musical guests performing tonight and of course, I had gotten to meet him. Bruno Mars called me cute on Twitter. He called me beautiful when he met me. I was fangirling so hard because I loved Bruno Mars. Meeting him and Katy Perry, oh my gosh.

"Come on, lover girl," Craig kidded as he walked by to drag me along with him. I giggled girlishly, sitting in-between him and Kitty who nudged me with a grin and I just blushed lightly, still laughing in disbelief.

We all watched Kelly Clarkson perform from side stage and being a fan of her since I was a little girl, I was dancing along like no one was around, but I was actually shimmying with Jade as we twirled around backstage.

"Kelly and the girls," Dermot announced in no time, "Janet, Misha B, and Briana."

Where had the time gone?

"Gary and the boys, Craig, Frankie, and Patrick."

"Louis and the over-25's, Sammi, Johnny, and Kitty."

"And finally Tulisa and the groups, The Risk and Rhythmix."

It seemed like two seconds ago I was meeting Bruno Mars backstage and watching Kelly Clarkson, Professor Green, and him perform. When had time flown by? My nerves hadn't been bothering me all night but now... now they were back. I zoned out on what Dermot was saying until I heard the first name called. It wasn't mine but I still rooted for my family. The people who I was so close with now. I just wished the best for them.


My whole mind had jumbled out of its mess when I heard his name. I moved my head around Kelly and Janet to look at Patrick who was grinning in shock but hugged Gary, high-fiving the other guys before going off. He walked behind me, meeting my eye and smiling soothingly. I winked at him in which he grinned. Kelly squeezed my shoulder reassuringly and I curled into her hold, squeezing Misha's hand which was locked with mine.

"Also through to next week's show is..." Dermot trailed off, "Rhythmix!"

My heart shot with excitement. So far, my closest friends had made it through. Patrick and my girls were through. They were through to next week. A smile lit up my face as I saw them all get near tears as they hugged each other and then hugged Tulisa.

"The next act through," Dermot announced. The crowd was cheering, calling out names but I ignored it, pushing it aside as my heart beat quickened and I took a deep breath in, biting my lip gently. I felt Misha squeeze my hand and I squeezed back just as the next name was called, "Briana!"

My heart soared as I felt dizzy and light-headed. The shock overwhelmed before relief and excitement overcame me. I was torn into Kelly's arms as she jumped up and down and I felt Misha's and Janet's arms around me too before I pulled apart, tears in my eyes as the three of them smiled at me. I hugged Janet and Misha quickly before I smiled and ran off the stage.

"Bri!" Jade screamed when I entered the back room. Our arms were thrown around each other and then I felt four more pairs of arms join our hug and knew it was the rest of the girls and Patrick. We all laughed, hugging in excitement before sitting down when we heard Dermot begin to call someone else's name before we were greeted by Kitty backstage.

In the end, Sami was sent home. It was sad to see her go and we all gave her tear-filled hugs and then we sadly headed home, already missing another person of our dysfunctional family.

upthe_HILL : Thanks for everyone who's been voting! And look who I met today!

It was the picture of Bruno and I that I had gotten off of my phone. I scrolled through my mentions, replying to a few of the people who were saying they voted and such and telling me to keep it up. I usually ignored the hate I received. I usually texted Liam whenever I read stuff that got to me but today, I noticed a few tweets that put the hugest smile on my face.

Real_Liam_Payne: give it up for @upthe_HILL who's through to another week! great girl with huge dreams! love you Bribri, good job :)

Louis_Tomlinson: @upthe_HILL congrats babe! So proud of you. Miss you bunches Bri xx

Harry_Styles: Everyone give it up for our good friend @upthe_HILL on TXF. Great job, Bri! Voting for you every week xx

zaynmalik: @upthe_HILL congrats Bri ! keep it up ! we're cheering you on and voting every week :) xx

NiallOfficial: everyone vote for @upthe_HILL! great girl who deserves the world

I smiled at all of the tweets and glad that for once, Niall wasn't going to attempt something but also it hurt a bit that he didn't at the same time. I shook it off and began replying to my boys.

upthe_HILL: @Real_Liam_Payne thanks Liam! Love you as well, you goon xx

upthe_HILL: @Louis_Tomlinson miss you loads, Lou :( call me soon, yeah? xx

upthe_HILL: @Harry_Styles thanks curly. I'm sure your vote is the only one they count ;) xx

upthe_HILL: @zaynmalik expecting a text from you soon, mister! haven't spoken in ages! miss you and thanks :) xx

upthe_HILL: @NiallOfficial thanks blondie. it means a lot. miss you… call me sometime soon xx

After I pressed 'send', I wondered if I should have sent that. I panicked at that moment but then shook it off, focusing on regaining my breathing and then just plopped into my bed, groaning in confusion before my phone vibrated with a notification. I lifted it up to look at it, my eyes briefly scanning the text.

not a day goes by that I don't regret what happened.

I huffed. Shouldn't have sent the tweet, I confirmed. I rolled my eyes at Niall's text, letting the memory reoccur in my head when I found him cheating on me. Tears pricked at my eyes, remembering how hard it was for me to originally start dating him and how he had completely broken me like he said he wouldn't.

I shouldn't have responded to the tweet.

And I definitely shouldn't have responded to the text.

My reply?

not a day goes by that I don't regret dating you.

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