This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


69. No Talk

I smiled at the camera, waving before heading towards side stage. I waved to the crowd before I felt my body be completely concealed by backstage. The second I was back there, my body lurched backwards, nearly falling over as two arms made their way around me, tackling me. Two more arms encased me, followed by two more, and two more, and two more and-

"Please let go of me," My voice was muffled through their embrace.

"Never," Perrie stated, squeezing my tighter. I giggled before wiggling out of all their grips and they let go of me. I turned to look at my five closest friends on the show. Their eyes all shone and they grinned at me. I just shoved passed them, heading to the snack table and grabbing a water bottle, uncapping it and tilting my head back to take a drink when I heard a familar voice interrupt my thoughts.

"Amazing performance, Briana. I always knew you were going to win," Her voice cooed. My eyes shot open as the water bottle slipped from my grip in shock.

"AMELIA! YOU WON!" I screamed, throwing my arms around the blond-pink haired girl. Amelia Lily. Voted off the first week. Was one of the acts being voted for to come back to the live shows and her being here meant she had won the voting. Although I knew all along she was going to win it and come back, I was still in shock and excitement.

"I missed you," Amelia said into my shoulder.

"I missed you too," I confessed and we pulled back so I could look at her, "Welcome back."

"Why thank you, doll face. You did absolutely amazing, Bri. Literally."

"Shush. I can't believe you're here."

"Me either," She laughed. We talked for a tad bit longer before she was rushed off to head to stage. I began walking back to my dressing room to change into my clothes and then leave. As I entered my room, I wasn't surprised to see Patrick leaned back on the couch, eating popcorn, his feet rested up on the arm rest. His head turned to me when I entered. He winked at me as I threw one of my heels at his leg. He chuckled, shifting so he was sitting up right. He leaned back, shovelling more popcorn into his mouth. As I passed him, I grabbed some, popping it into my mouth and playfully glaring at him before throwing my other shoe to the ground beside its twin.

"Unzip me?" I asked him, trying to reach for the zipper on my dress. Patrick stood up, bounding over to me and unzipping my dress. I began to shimmy out of it, "Thanks. Lovely performance tonight, babe."

"Compared to you, I did horrendous," He scoffed light-heartedly. I turned to him, narrowing my eyes. I began to grab my pair of skinny jeans, pulling them on and grabbing a tank top, tugging it on over my head.

"I was talking about you, not me," I scolded as I grabbed a zip up, sliding it on over my shoulders. I threw my hair up into a messy bun, ignoring the nagging thought that Lou would get mad I just destroyed the perfect curls she had put in my hair but I wanted nothing more than to get home, wash my make up off, order pizza and watch a movie with everyone like we had planned to. I picked up my purse, slinging it over me as Patrick got up, carrying the popcorn with him as we walked down the hall.

"The dynamic duo leaving without us. This is wrong. I feel used," A voice scowled jokingly. We turned around, seeing Jesy, Leigh, Jade, and Perrie skipping down the hall. Jade threw her arm around my shoulders when she met me. They were all still in their performance clothes.

"It's fine. We know when we're unwanted," Perrie kidded.

"Jade, stop touching the enemy," Leigh scolded Jade as we walked side-by-side, our arms slung around each other.

"Shut it. We're kidding. You guys can head out. We'll meet you back at the house. We have to wait for Tulisa during break. See you soon?" Jade asked.

"Definitely. Bye girls," I waved as they waved happily, smiling at me and Patrick. We headed to the doors and were met by two security guards who walked out in front of us, on crowd control to make sure we didn't get harmed. There weren't many girls or paparazzi. I couldn't say there ever really was. We weren't famous.. yet. So why would it matter? But I knew what they were thinking. You meet them before they're famous and you get the right to say you met them before they were famous. I did the same thing with Olly Murs. But I was also irrevocably in love with the man as well. I still am.

"Briana! Patrick!" We waved to a few people but for the most part, just headed for the car. We got home in a flash and I instantly ran to scrub my make up off. I took a quick shower to get the curls, hairsprays, and knots out of my hair. Also the sweat and other lotion I had all over my body. All in all, I was clean when I emerged from the bathroom in a pair of plaid pajama shorts and a hoodie. I headed downstairs, being greeted by Craig and Kitty who had been home by the time Patrick and I got home. They had already ordered the pizza so in the mean time, we snacked on some fruit from the fruit salad from breakfast when Patrick came prancing in with his sassy self.

"What took so long, princess?" I asked and he immediately squeezed my sides, making me spaz and then slap his arm.

"I called my mum, you bug," He said, squeezing me in an embrace.

"Did you tell her I said hello?" I asked.

"Of course. She made sure I told you she says hi and that she loves you and voted for you. She votes for you but not her own son," Patrick clicked his tongue as he walked around the island to get a soda from the fridge. I laughed, shrugging innocently before bumping Craig's hip as I hopped onto the stool beside him. We linked arms as we ate the fruit, laughing like little kids until the others all got home with the pizzas in their hands, saying they got home at the same time the pizza man had arrived. We waited for everyone to get comfy and stuff before we opened the pizza boxes and popped in a movie. And just for tonight, we all relaxed. We didn't talk about anybody's performances, we didn't worry about who was going home, we just enjoyed each other's company for the amount of time we had left together.

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