This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


18. Losing Everyone

Time. My worst enemy. Time never seemed to move forward. It stayed on the same minute for what seemed like ten. An hour felt like a week. A day felt like a month. And all of this time I managed to endure led me to this day. It was exactly two weeks from the day Niall and I were over with. Two weeks since I found him cheating.


Sounds like something to celebrate.


"Hey Bri," A voice greeted. I peeled my eyes away from the television program I was watching. I was expecting Alex or maybe even Bella to walk in. Not Missy. We hadn't exactly been on the best of terms lately. I was suddenly hostile with my best friend and why is that? Who caused this? Oh. Niall, of course. Who else?


"Surprised you're here," I muttered as I glued my eyes back to the television in front of me. I was curled up under a blanket which Jonathan had brought me after I asked because I had made him lunch earlier that day. Jonathan, who constantly got on my nerves and always told me how annoying I was, was suddenly my best friend. After Jason went out of town - unwillingly, due to my condition, my baby brother took it upon himself to watch over me in Jason's position.


"What's that supposed to mean?" Missy questioned confusedly. I ignored the question, praying inside my head that she'd just leave.


Let me clear it up with you. I loved Missy. I would until the day I died. She will have always been my best friend. But not anymore. At least in my mind. She had crossed me. When everything went down with Niall, who did she go to? Niall. Who did she not even ask was okay? Me. So who's side did she take in all of this? Niall's. Why? Because she couldn't go against Zayn. Lovely. A boy over your best friend. Fantastic choice.


"You know what it means," I said. I got up from the couch, making sure the blanket was wrapped around my shoulders as I walked into the kitchen after flicking the television off. I opened the fridge, grabbing a water bottle. I heard Misso finally follow after me, trailing into the kitchen.


"Briana, what the hell?" Was all she asked. It put a smile on my face. How oblivious could she be? She was not this dumb. I put the water bottle back and slipped passed her, walking up the stairs. As I reached the top step, I heard her feet patter up the steps quickly, "BRIANA!"


"Wow, I'm surprised you even remember my name," I said sarcastically.


"Briana!" She called and with that, her hand caught my arm, forcing me to face her. Our eyes met and I felt my entire past reeling through my mind. Everything Missy had helped me through and everything I helped her through. I thought of everything we did together. How we had promised to be best friends forever. And how that no longer counted because she had a boyfriend who was more important than me.


"Let go of me, Missy," I seethed and snatched my arm from her grip. She stared at me in shock. I could see it on her face. She didn't know. Hell, she obviously didn't even care anymore.


"Bri, stop! What's wrong? Why are you mad at me?" Missy asked, her voice cracking.


"Don't try pulling that shit on me, Miss," I snapped. She gasped, not expecting me to sound so angry, "Why are you here? Huh? Tell me, right now, why you are here."


"You're my best friend. We haven't hung out in a while. I wanted to hang out with you..."


"Really? You wouldn't rather hangout with my ex-boyfriend? You know, the boy who broke my heart?"


"That's what this is about? Bri, come on!"


"Don't," I warned. She looked right into my eyes and for once, I had the courage to tell her exactly why I was mad at her, "Don't come on me. Don't even start with me. He broke my heart, Missy. He literally tore it out of my chest and ripped it apart with his own hands. I expected my best friend to be there for me. Like she always was. But no. She was too busy making sure he was okay."


"It was never like that!" She defended in shock.


"Yes it was. It was and you can't deny it. I needed my best friend, Miss. Where were you? Huh? Where have you been the past two weeks as I cry myself to sleep wondering why I can't be happy? Were you too busy with Zayn? Too busy with a guy instead of checking to make sure your best friend was okay? Not only did I lose the one guy who I thought wouldn't break my heart, but I lost my best friend."


"Lost your best friend? Briana, I'm still here! I'm still your best friend!"


"No... As far as I know, she's gone. I'm not good enough for her anymore. She's moved onto better things apparently," I scowled at her and turned around, beginning to walk down the hall.


"Bri!" She cried out. I could hear the tears in her voice. I could feel the pain emitting from her, "You can't do this. You’re my best friend."


"Yeah, well words just don't cut it anymore."


"So this is what it comes to? We can't be friends anymore because I have a boyfriend? That's it?" She asked, "I'm suddenly happy and I don't deserve that? Do you have to take anything else away from me, Bri? Would you like my fucking heart while you're at it?"


"What are you going on about?" I snapped, turning to her.


"I'm happy, Bri! I'm so happy with Zayn. He makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. For once, someone finally likes me instead of you. It's always been you. Everyone always wants you. They always say how beautiful you are and the entire male population is at your feet. So suddenly, when it's my turn, that's not okay?" She asked in frustration and anger.


"You're kidding me..." I laughed. She cocked an eyebrow at me, "You think I'm jealous that you have someone? I'm anything but jealous. I was honestly ecstatic for you. But you know what, no. Not anymore. I wasn't jealous, Missy. Even when I had boyfriends, I spent most of my time with you. Even when I was on a date, I would drop anything to go be with you if you needed me. Where were you when I needed you?"


"Don't put this against me any longer, Briana! God dammit, just let me be happy!"


"I DID LET YOU BE HAPPY, MISSY! I'M SORRY I NEEDED SOMEONE TO HUG ME AND TELL ME EVERYTHING'S OKAY! BUT NO, YOU WERE TOO BUSY TELLING NIALL IT WOULD BE OKAY. WHERE'S HIS GIRLFRIEND, HUH? WHY COULDN'T SHE DO IT?" I shouted. My chest heaved, signaling I was out of breath from yelling so quickly, "I needed my best friend and you weren't there. That's what this is about."


And there it went. My entire life spiraled down to its bitter end. I had never expected to lose my best friend of all people. Sure, I knew I lost the guys and I would miss them like crazy. But Missy? I would have never expected to lose her to anybody. She had always been there. She was the one thing I could always turn to. She was the one I knew would be there. Now I was all alone as she walked out. Walked right out of my life.

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