This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


4. It's a Crush

After Bella disappeared with her prank and with Liam peeking over his shoulder every few moments to reassure that Bella wasn't sneaking up, we all settled in to watch a movie. The boys had convinced Missy and I to watch a horror movie. The only reason we had agreed to stay is because Liam put a bet on it. A bet that we couldn't watch the entire movie without leaving in fear. However, I learned to cope with the terror in my own way.

"Is it over?" I whispered to Niall, not removing my head from Niall's arm, barely witnessing a bloody massacre in an abandoned bar. Niall whispered a quiet yes and I peeked up, letting my head lift up when I realized he wasn't lying. I slowly let go of him, my nerves still wavering but I was probably going to cut off the circulation in his arm if I got scared one more time.

"Still scared?" He whispered. I nodded my head and he chuckled lightly in a manner that wasn't harsh. My heart thumped quickly and butterflies filled my stomach when he stretched his arms out and Niall Horan, yes THE Niall Horan from One Direction, had just pulled the old-fashioned "stretch-and-put-your-arm-around-the-girl" move. As he let go of the stretch above his head, his arm wrapped around my shoulders. On instinct (and with my insides tingling), I curled into his hold, embracing the fact Niall Horan, yes, Niall Horan had just put his arm around me and I was dying!

Two screams were heard. Mine and Missy's as the murderer appeared out of no-where. My hands were rested against his chest as my head nuzzled into his neck. He wrapped his other arm around me, stroking my back soothingly. He spoke gently, "It's just a movie. Things don't happen like this in real life."

"Then where would they get the idea?" I managed out, looking up at him, ignoring the screen as my eyes fixed on him and only him. His blue eyes were hard to look away from. My fingertips were barely touching his chest now but I could still feel the fabric of his polo underneath my touch.

"People have sick imaginations, love," Niall said, tapping my nose. It made me giggle and shake my head. When the movie was over, Missy ordered me up the stairs. She tore me from underneath Niall's arm and up the stairs to my room where she literally shoved me into the seat of my vanity.

"You and Niall looked awfully comfy down there. I want to know everything," Missy had given me at least a few minutes before she began talking. She had started off by saying she was doing my hair and began to heat up my curling iron to fix up my curls that had fallen out a bit.

"I was scared. He was next to me."

"Bri... that was way too cozy for you being scared. He totally has a thing for you!" Missy defended.

"Miss, he does not! We only met yesterday," I corrected.

"Well then you two are awfully close for acquaintances," She scowled. She began tying my hair up, tugging at my hair and when she ripped my hair, I knew she was doing it on purpose. I squeaked as she nearly tore my head off of my body.

"I get it, Miss! Now stop! I think my hair's going to fall out. Niall... well, I..."

"You can't deny he's a good-looking guy."

"Of course not. He's cute, that I can't lie about, but we met yesterday. You can't fall for someone that quick," Okay so maybe I was lying to myself. It's happened to us all. We've all seen someone and just wanted them. Sadly, it's for their looks and to prove my point, Niall is cute! He's got the brightest smile and the bluest eyes there are. To add a cherry on top, he's got an amazing personality, but I still only met him yesterday.

"Yes you can. Just, you know what.. let's save this conversation, but when you two end up going out on a date, you, Miss Briana Hill, I will be saying I told you so.."  Missy hummed. She shoved a bobby pin into my head and rubbed my temples to momentarily destroy any headache I had coming on, "Hair's done, love. I did good. You look beautiful, darlin'. Now go do your makeup while I do my hair."

After doing my own makeup, Missy asked me to do hers, so I did. After our hair and makeup was completed, we both changed into our dresses when my mom came upstairs and told us we had roughly about fifteen minutes. We were sliding our heels on when she came back in. She opened her mouth to speak to us but stopped at the sight of us and smiled.

"What?" I asked, placing my right foot down after I put my heels on.

"You girls look beautiful," She smiled, placing a kiss on each of our foreheads, "As usual. Now let's go. We're going to head over now."

The walk to the Payne’s was full of Jason and Jonathan shoving each other. Jason had given Jonathan one good push and Jonathan stumbled back into Bella who ended up with a bloody nose. As my mom went to help her, I slapped her hand away and told her she spent too much time on her pie to not bring it over right away and said I'd take care of it. I wrapped an arm around Bella, leading her back into our house with the key my dad handed me.

"They're idiots!" Bella hollered as I held a towel to her nose. I smiled gently, stroking her hair out of her eyes, asking her if the pressure I was putting on her nose was too much. When she declined, I waited a few more moments before removing the bloody towel from her nose. The bleeding seemed to stop so I wetted another towel and began dabbing blood away.

"They're lucky there's no blood on your dress," I reassured, tossing the towels into the laundry basket. We walked side-by-side, out of the house after I locked it and over to the party. We knocked and Jason opened the door, apologizing to Bella with a huge hug and a light kiss on the nose which made her smile and forgive him.

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