This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


11. Getting Ready

So how are you?" Miles asked as we sat at my kitchen table. We sat directly across from each other so it was easy for me to stare right into his dark chocolate brown eyes. He was still as cute as the last time I had seen him. His dark hair caught in his eyebrows and he would flip it out of his hair. His adorable smile still managed to make my heart flutter a bit.


"Good and you?" I responded with a breath. Alex and Missy had gone up to my room to give Miles and me some time alone to talk. They knew it would be a bit awkward.  There was nothing wrong with my previous relationship with Miles  Don't get me wrong, we broke up for a reason, but Miles had been the best boyfriend I could have ever asked for.


"Uh, good, I suppose," He nodded. We just had our misunderstandings. We were a much loved couple. Everyone thought we were going to get married someday. We were that couple. The couple everyone wanted to be, everyone wanted to see. Everyone wanted a boyfriend like Miles. Everyone wanted a girlfriend like me.


"So you're home?" I asked gently, hoping it wasn't rude to ask. I played with my fingers on top of the table, glancing at them as I twiddled my thumbs, spinning them in circles around each other. I could feel Miles' eyes on me but fought the urge to look up, knowing I would find it hard to look at him the same way. I’m not going to lie, I was still madly in love with his looks. He was so charming.


"Yep. I just got home yesterday. I would've come sooner, but I decided to wait and spend some time with my family," He explained. Miles Dunn, always a family man. He had two little sisters, two older brothers, and an older sister. He loved his parents more than anything in the world. It reminded me of when we used to talk about maybe one day getting married and having kids. What a great father he would make.


"Welcome home," I said with a small smile. It was forced and I think we both knew it was and why it was so forced.


"Look, Briana, I'm sorry... about what happened between us. I didn't want to leave and I shouldn't have and I'm sorry it had to end like it did," Here comes the apology. The apology I waited three months for, "You know I loved you more than anything. I understand if you don't feel the same way anymore, but I just… I wanted you to know that I really am sorry."


"What happened, happened," I agreed with a shrug of my shoulders, "I waited three months for you to come back, Miles and you came back right as I finally started to get over you. You really are something."


"I'm sorry," He said with a light chuckle, trying to hide the smile and laughter by putting his hand over his mouth. I shook my head with a small smile.


"I love you, Miles, and frankly, I probably always will, but I met someone else and I think he's going to be around for a while. He makes me happy. He's the first one to make me feel like this since you," I admitted.


"I understand. I guess you caught on I was coming to get you back. At least I tried," He said with a weak smile. He rested his hands on his knees and pushed himself out of the chair, pushing it in after he stepped away.


"Miles! Wait! I really do still love you. What we had was something special and I hope I'm not the only one who thinks so," I said. He looked at me, "And I'm sorry."


"Don't be sorry, Bri. You deserve someone much better than me. Just know that I'll always be here," He said and walked over to me. He placed his hands on my waist, looking down at me. I gazed up at him, wondering if he was going to kiss me. He leaned in, placing a soft kiss on my forehead. He let his lips linger and slowly moved away, "If you ever need somebody, you know where I am. I love you, Briana. Don't forget that."


He dropped his arms from my waist and walked out. I heard the front door open and close. I plopped back down into my seat, feeling my heart beat in my own eardrums. There were footsteps and I didn't pick my head up as Missy and Alex sat down at the table. They were silent, watching me as I sat there.


"He came to get me back," I finally spoke, breaking the silence. I heard a heavy intake of breath, knowing it was from Missy.


"What'd you say?" Miss asked. I looked up, changing my gaze from the table to her worried eyes. She was leaning over the table, fingers crossed. I was relaxed in my chair, arms crossed over my chest, my ankles crossed underneath the table.


"I told him I met someone else."


"And how do you feel?" She inquired. I returned my gaze to the table, staying quiet.


How did I feel? How was I? Was I okay? Did I feel heartbroken? I didn't know. I had no clue. I would always have feelings for Miles. He was my first true love. He was the only guy I had given everything to. But I also had strong feelings for Niall. The boy had stolen my heart the instant we met. He made me smile and he gave me butterflies.


"I think I made the right decision..." I said slowly. I looked up into Missy's eyes, "Do ya think so?  Did I make the right choice?"


"I don't know, Briana. You tell me," Missy replied honestly. She was testing me. She knew I would know if I made the right decision. I was the only one who would be able to tell. Was I so in love with Miles that I couldn't see Niall anymore? Or did I like Niall enough to get me over Miles completely?


"I don't know."


"Well go on the date with Niall and then you answer my question," She suggested. I nodded in agreement. Missy was always the best advice giver. She was my rock. She helped me get through everything. She helped me, she tore me down, she brought me up, but she was always there.


"Now let's go get you ready for your date. Zayn told me to get you ready."


"Zayn, hmmmmm?" I teased with a giggle. Missy blushed, hitting my head as we headed up the stairs.


"Hey Al, would you want to hang out with the boys tonight while little Briana is on her date? I promise they don't bite," Missy smiled. Alex giggled, shrugging indifferently, "Bri, text Zayn off of my phone. Tell him they can come over when Niall comes to pick you up."


"Gotcha," I took Missy's phone, texting Zayn to tell him exactly as Miss had said. As Missyworked on my makeup, Alex did my hair. When Missy finished my makeup, she went off to my closet to pick out my outfit according to where Niall said he was taking me. A movie and dinner.


"You look so pretty already," Alex said as she continued curling my hair. I scoffed at her and she put the curler in front of my eyes, "I could burn you, Briana. Do not reject my compliment."


"My God, Al, put it down!" I shouted in fear. She smiled and continued curling my hair as if nothing had happened. I laughed at her actions and she laughed. When she was done, Missy pointed to the clothes she set out for me.


"Not too casual, not too fancy," Missy explained as I slid a pair of black skinny jeans on. I wiggled into them, sliding the grey shirt over my head. It was long sleeved and had a black heart on the chest. I slid a pair of flats on my feet and as I was standing up, Alex shoved a headband on my head, pushing my bangs back, fluffing my curls.


"There, you look gorgeous!" Alex chirped, clapping her hands together happily as she looked at me with a bright smile. Missy matched it and headed towards the door when the doorbell rang. She slapped my butt on the way out.


"Let's go, gorgeous," Missy said. I grabbed the black purse they had given me and slipped it over my shoulder and grabbed my phone, sliding it into the purse. I headed down the stairs, coming into the main entrance to the five boys, Alex, and Missy talking. I smiled at them as their eyes all fixated on me. I waved to the boys.


"Hey boys," I greeted. They smiled back, chorusing a hello, "Ready?" I asked Niall who nodded with a smile on his lips.


"Take care of her, blondie. I can hurt you," Alex warned, pointing at him. Missy giggled as the boys all snickered. I smiled lightly and walked out of the house with Niall walking behind me.


"Just ignore her. She wouldn't hurt you," I told Niall after he closed the door behind us. He walked up to my side, taking my hand instantly and walking down the steps of the porch. Our fingers laced together, fitting together perfectly.


"I wasn't too scared anyways," He chuckled, "You look beautiful, as usual."


"You sure know how to compliment a girl," I said as we began walking down the street. He smiled, shrugging shamelessly as he winked. We headed to the theater which wasn't too far. When I asked Niall why we walked, he said it was to spend more time with me and asked if I wanted to drive so nervously, it made me laugh, but I had given him a kiss on the cheek and told him I would've preferred to walk anyways.

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