This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


49. First

"Amazing job out there, Briana!" Olly Murs greeted me as I walked backstage to head towards my dressing room but Lou had stopped me, touched up my make up before shoving me towards a separate room where I had to get an interview.

"Thank you," I smiled sweetly.

"Come sit down, love! You did fantastic," Caroline Flack enthused

beckoning to a seat and I sat down on the couch with a smile.

"Thank you. That means so much," I giggled on accident. I always did that when I was nervous. Got all giggly and cute, ugh, how embarrassing.

"Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, women and folks-" Caroline was saying until Olly interrupted her, "Get on with it."

"We have Briana Hill with us right now and she just beat the competition with yet another killer performance. Briana, how do you feel right now?" Caroline questioned and I lifted up the microphone that I was handed just a few seconds ago to my lips.

"Like I was just thrown in a whirl wind," I admitted with a smile.

"Does the performing make it feel surreal? I know the feeling," Olly grinned knowingly and I laughed, nodding.

"I can't believe me of all people got this opportunity. I say it all the time, but honestly, I'm just a normal girl who auditioned for the X Factor hoping for the best. Getting through was a dream come true but getting further and getting to right here right now, it's unreal," I confessed and Caroline and Olly were both full on grinning at me.

"Well you're amazing, darling and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You've been getting the most votes almost every week so far. How does that feel?" Caroline inquired.

"I am?" I asked in shock, eyes going wide with surprise. Me? I was getting a lot of votes?

"Yes you!" Caroline laughed as Olly chuckled.

"Briana, you've been getting first every week except last week, you got second," Olly informed. I nearly choked on my saliva right then and there.

"Wow," I gaped. Make a fool of yourself on live television, way to go, Briana.

"Well ladies and gentleman, this is Briana Hill, vote for her! Thanks for chatting with us, Briana," Caroline smiled.

"No problem," I grinned and waved to the camera before they turned off where I was greeted with Olly coming to talk to me as Caroline ran off to get a drink of water. Olly gave me some good advice, wishing me the best of luck and we even hummed a few songs together in laughter. It was a quick friendship formed.

"We can hang out when you're all big and famous, right? You won't forget about me?" Olly asked playfully.

"Definitely not. You're famous, get me into a party!" I kidded and we both laughed before I gave him a hug goodbye and walking off with a wave to Caroline who was on the phone and she waved enthusiastically until I left the room.

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