This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


47. Dinner

"I know you'll rock this week."

"Please tell me I didn't just witness that," I giggled to Kelly as she laughed at her own pun. She smiled at me, containing her laughter as I stood up on the stage in a pair of sweats, a t-shirt, and a zip up along with a pair of nice sneakers. My hair was down in its natural waves and I felt like my bones were going to crack with how much rehearsing I had to do.

"You did. Alright, up for one more time?" Kelly asked. I crinkled my nose up in dislike and she laughed, "One more time and then you're done," She reassured. I let out a laugh before running up the steps of the stage to go behind the two walls, the dancers on each side of the wall.

The one thing I did not want to be bothered with upon arriving home was everyone being energetic. Rehearsals were killer and I just felt like falling into bed and never waking up. When I got home though, no one was in sight so I contentedly ran upstairs to my room and flung onto my bed, laying there in silence until I fell asleep.

"Briana?" A voice said in a soft, gentle tone. "Bri, wake up, we're all going out to dinner in like 45 minutes."

"Where?" I muffled into my pillow. I heard Jade giggle.

"Nandos. Wake up, you numpty!" She nudged my butt with her foot and I turned over to look up at her and she smiled at me before I got out of bed, bumping passed her and making my way to take a shower.

45 mintues later... "BRIANA!"

"I'm coming! Don't let your knickers get into a twist, Patrick," I played as I made my way down the stairs. He sent me a smile, extending his arm to me which I slid my arm through the loop.

"You look lovely," He complimented.

"As do you, my love," I giggled and he smiled, kissing my cheek before we headed out the door with our arms linked. The others were already in the cars so I reminded myself to apologize when we got to Nandos. I was in a car with Patrick, Frankie, Craig, and the boys from The Risk. Imagine my fun with being in a car full of guys.

"I can imagine the headlines now. Briana gets out of a limo full of guys looking disheveled and slutty," I mocked to the boys as they wrestled around.

"Disheveled, you'd still look beautiful, love," Frankie smirked, winking, "And slutty? Never."

"Well that's charming, Frankie," I informed. We pulled up to Nandos, interrupting our joking around and laughter. The boys all told me I should go first but someone had to help me out so Patrick volunteered. He got out of the car as we pulled up and held his hand out to me, helping me out.

Dinner was...eventful. All of us together usually meant something entertaining would happen. We were just a big family and as a family, well... we were wild. We didn't make a mess or break anything. We were just obnoxiously funny and even made people around us laugh at times.

"Briana, have some dessert, come on," Frankie called.

"If I have one more thing to eat, I might vomit," I confessed bluntly and everyone laughed which made me smile. My phone vibrated in my pocket so I tugged it out to peek at who was calling. The instant my eyes read the name, my heart dropped, butterflies filled my stomach and I felt heat rush through my body and the urge to vomit increased.

"Excuse me," I told everyone. What was I doing? Where did those words even come from? They all okay'ed it as I stood up, signaling to my phone. I slipped through the restaurant, heading to the front and answering the phone call hesitantly, my fingers shaking as I did so.

"Hello?" I greeted, trying to sound confident but I physically heard my voice waver.

"Briana!" The voice replied in surprise. I stayed silent, unsure of what to even say to him. This was the first time I've talked to him in a long time. Maybe even since I broke up with him. What in the world came over me to answer Niall's phone call? I wasn't mentally stable enough to do this, "Briana?"

"Yeah?" I squeaked and closed my eyes shut, mentally stabbing myself in the stomach at how stupid I was.

"Just making sure you're still there," He commented, "How've you been?"

"Good and you?"

"Alright..." An awkward silence came over the phone but he quickly interrupted it, "I've been watching the X Factor. You're insanely good, Bri. I always knew you'd go far."

"Thanks," I replied quickly.

“I don’t know if you have been getting my texts or not, but I think we need to talk sometime soon.”

"Briana! We're heading back to the house!" Frankie called and I turned, seeing the others walking out of the restaurant, beckoning for me to follow.

"I'll be there in a second!" I called to him and he nodded, waiting for me as the others headed to the cars,


"Look Niall, I've got to go. Sorry, bye."

“Bye Bri, I’ll always love you.”


And with that we hung up the phone. Goodness, why did he always have to say that? Did he realize that every time I saw or heard those words from him it kept bringing me back to everything I wanted to forget? He made me so mad. He was so charming with his cute little Irish accent. To be completely honest, he made it hard to stay mad at him, but I had to. I needed him to know that he ruined everything and there would be no going back. Bitchy? Yes but what else was I supposed to do? I shoved my phone away and headed over to Frankie who probably noticed I was upset. He could see my tense aura so he put his arm around my shoulders, squeezing me into his body and making me smile.

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