This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


15. Cut Like Knives

"So you two are okay again?" Alex asked as we walked down the street. Missy was stuck at work. She was picking up extra shifts so she could get an outfit for the date Zayn was taking her out on this Friday night. I offered to let her borrow anything and she said she borrowed too many of my outfits and decided to get one of her own for once.


"Yeah. We kind of argued about it all, but he apologized," I nodded. We were walking along the boardwalk, taking in the nice day we had. The birds chirping, people walking around, kids running around in giggles, couples holding hands, workers walking along after a long day at work.


"But he never told you who he talks to on the phone?" She questioned confusedly.


"No." I shook my head. She looked a bit confused at the idea but then seemed to shake it off, shrugging, taking a look at the setting sun that tinted the sky pink and orange. She turned back to me, "Whatever works."


"Well, from the sound of the conversation, he didn't want you to know who he talks to."




"I'm just saying, Bri. Something's not right about it."


"Weren't you the one who was just telling me I shouldn't be so worked up about it?"


"It's different now. I feel like something's off. Niall isn't like that. He wouldn't hide something from you... He would tell you. The fight really opened up my eyes," She explained, looking in the distance. Her eyes seemed fixated and she seemed to keep doing that. Her eyes kept focusing away from me and our conversation.


"I don't know. I'm not questioning his trust. I don't like fighting with him," I admitted, "Okay, what are you looking at?" I asked in exasperation as her eyes fluttered away from me again. She cleared her throat.


"Nothing," She lied. A terrible liar. Something I knew from the day I was born. Lying wasn't one of Alex's best traits.. but I wish it was. I wish it had been a lie. I wish that nothing was what she was looking at. I wish there was nothing. I wish I was nothing. I wish Niall Horan was nothing. "Briana..."


"Don't," I managed through gritted teeth. How did I feel? Heartbroken? No. That was an understatement. Nothing made me feel this way. I felt like I had been run over by a tractor trailor repeatedly after something had ripped my heart out to run that over with a lawn mower.


Niall Horan. My supposed boyfriend. Did he like me? No. Had he liked me? Probably not. The boy I saw in front of me was not my boyfriend. No. Today, he was someone else's boyfriend. Later, he would still not be my boyfriend. Tomorrow, he would still not be my boyfriend. Why?


Because my supposed boyfriend was all comfy and cozy with a cute little brunette girl. Was she pretty? Oh yes. Was she all over him? Basically glued to him. Was she kissing my boyfriend? Or maybe he's her boyfriend? Either way, yes.


And he had lied. About a lot of things. He had hurt me in more ways than I could imagine. All of his lies cut through me like knives and I felt breathless. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. All because Niall Horan had cheated on me, after he deliberately said he would never cheat on me. That he was faithful.


"Very faithful," I managed to choke out. I could barely hear my voice. I could only hear my thoughts racing through my mind a mile a minute. They seemed never ending, starting with Niall and ending with Niall. Starting with love and ending with heart break.

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