This is a Stand Up

Briana Hill is a normal girl, except for the fact that she is neighbors with Liam Payne from a new boy band called One Direction. When Liam brings the band back to stay with him for a while, Briana ends up falling in love with one of the boys. This is the love story of the ordinary girl and th boy band star.


45. Clown

With that, I decided to check my mentions. I saw some that were very sweet of people who were voting for me and some who were telling me that I had an amazing voice. Some of them were about the video of Patrick and I and how funny they thought it was. Some of them were about the pictures Jade had gotten of me. I thanked a few people for voting for me, added some comments about the video of Patrick and I, and the pictures Jade took. My phone began ringing so I stopped.

"Hello?" I greeted as I plucked my phone off of my bedside table.

"Hi there. This is Mike. I'm from Manchester. I was just wondering-"

"Come off it, Patrick. I'm hanging up," I interrupted.

"But you said to call if we needed anything," I could practically see Patrick’s frown through the phone.

"And what is it you need then?"


"Goodbye Patrick," I laughed and hung up. I heard Patrick screaming up the stairs but ignored it while shaking my head. I signed off of Twitter and went to Facebook. I had tons of messages and friend requests and notifications. I checked notifications from people I actually knew first. Most of them were people wishing me luck, telling me how proud they were and such. After going through everything, I signed off, sighing with relief that I got those out of the way before I decided to just go to bed.

"Briana," Leigh Anne cooed. I groaned, burying myself into my bed, "Briana, wake up. I've made breakfast."

"Nooooo," I whined into my pillow. Leigh Anne was silent for a moment and then she lifted the covers off of my head, "Leigh," I whined, lifting my head up. I cussed in my head multiple times when I saw the cameras behind Leigh Anne but just looked at Leigh Anne, eyes narrowing. I probably looked like a train wreck.

"Let's go, Bri. We've got a long day ahead of us," She hummed.

"You won't if you stay in my room," I retorted and she turned to the cameras with wide eyes as I buried myself back into my bed. They turned the cameras off and I threw my covers off to look at Leigh Anne who just laughed, shoving my shoulder after I kicked her in the butt when she turned around.

"Wake up. The camera crew is here all day so get yourself ready!" She exclaimed over her shoulder as she disappeared from my room. I took her advice and showered, getting ready for the day. After I was ready, I headed downstairs and was heading to go eat breakfast when I saw Patrick talking to the cameras. I snuck up behind him and the camera crew let it slide, biting back evident smiles.

"Everyone's all so close around here. We're all honestly a family," Patrick was saying as I began mocking him behind his back, making signs around his head before he saw the smiles on the crews' faces and spun his head around, "And this one is definitely the annoying little sister of our family!"

"Patrick!" I laughed as he pulled me onto him, putting me in a head lock. He let go of me and placed a kiss on my temple, "Time for breakfast, you clown."

"Food," Patrick said and got up, running away. I was left staring after him and then looking to the cameras in confusion and then they cut the cameras as I got up, running off after him in giggles before they could ask me to do my segment.

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