The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


3. The Sirens


On one of the warmer days, Gwen was standing in the courtyard, wearing the usual prisoner clothing, with a black top and the orange jumpsuit off and hanging low around her waist, showing off her rather tempting underwear. She had one of the more expensive cigarettes in her mouth, as she leaned against the fence that held them caged like primates, when a guard called out her name, and told her something no one would believe:

“Gwyneth, someone is here to see you.”

She kept glaring into the empty air, before extinguishing her cigarette underneath her shoe, and walked towards the guard that had called her name.

As she were put in handcuffs, the rest of the prisoners began mumbling and whispering around her, about what was happening. She didn't know anyone alive out there, or at least not anyone that could come and meet her here. She couldn't even believe it herself, though she never showed the expression of being surprised or curious, and kept her nonchalant face.

They stopped by a door to a single room with curtains, blocking for unwanted glares. Inside it was filled with heavily armed guards wearing the royal mark on their clothes, and Gwen only got even more curious.

“This ought to be interesting” she thought and looked at the table in the middle, where three of the worlds leaders sat and looked at her, as she too sat down on a chair that got pulled out for her use.

They were two men and a woman, and she probably had been chosen to this, because of comfort from another female or something like that. She wore a formal shirt and dress pants, all in blue. The two other men wore the same style of clothing. Blue, with golden medals, buttons and a golden brooch with their planets names on them. One of the men were even from earth, which was a planet that rarely got involved with anything but themselves. On their shoulders they bore a mark of a 'United Galaxy' which they called UG – very creative if you'd ask Gwen – and the mark was nothing but a single, golden star.

“You deserve an explanation to this sudden-” the woman in the middle started off with, but Gwen quickly cut her off.

“Don't bother. I'm sentenced to a lifetime here, and I have accepted my fate. Your actions here are unwanted.” She crossed her arms, and fished out a cheap cigarette from a pocket, and a guard lit it, as the prisoners weren't allowed to have lighters.

The leaders looked at each other, before continuing: “As I was about to say: Our worlds are in great need of heroes! We know it's strange that we're asking you, but please, be patient and listen to our offer...” The woman paused to see her reaction, and as Gwen blew out a plume of smoke.

“Go on...” She waved her hand and the ashes of the cigarette slowly fell to the ground, as they were shook off.

“Thanks... We're collecting powerful women throughout the worlds to be in charge of groups – special task groups. And they are meant to prevent evil and chaos throughout the galaxies-”

“Why only women?” Gwen asked and seemed both confused and highly intrigued, that her gender was subtly getting the dominance.

“For reasons we can't discuss with you. Yet. But I digress – We've chosen you, Gwyneth, for such a job. You would be a perfect match, seeing how you created the galaxies largest Mafia within 3 years! If only you used such talent for leadership to do good, instead of evil.” She stopped talking as Gwen started laughing loudly, very humoured by the thought of her doing it all for 'the greater good'.

“And what makes you think that I will ever decide to become one of the good guys? One of your many pets?”

“That's what we're asking you. I can present you with the pros on this, if you wish.” The woman said, and Gwen stopped laughing right away.

She threw her feet up on the table, and leaned back in the chair. “Do continue.”

“Well for starters you'll be freed from prison, and we will clean your records, though we cannot guarantee what each individual will think of you. You'll be the leader of a group named Sirens and have your own crew, along with a spaceship, which is ready and waiting for a leader. Each one of your crew members have been marked with a tattoo, that will grant them access to everything they need, which also means they're never to pay for anything again, same will you have. That deal is accepted by every world within the UG, but don't get too excited. There's a difference to what you want and what you need. We're going to implant a chip into your brain, that can read your mind, memories and tell truth from lies, but only for those we believe needs it, to make sure they don't abuse their authority. Where you're a prime example, no offence. You'll also get access to special training, weapons and clothing, that others wont be able to buy. Lastly, we'll manipulate with your DNA, which will make your lifespan longer and your immune system will be highly increased, to make sure you wont catch a horrible disease and die from it. Oh! And you'll get your holo-tool back, as I know the prison removed it upon your sentence.”

This all sounded too good, all but one thing.

“So... You're saying that I'll have unlimited resources, longer life time and I'm less likely to die? I'll even have my own crew and a ship ready at hand?” The leaders nodded eagerly and smiled at each other, as they knew that they just had gotten their last group established.

“But that chip isn't something I'm exactly excited for...” And then they felt her slip away, and had to act quickly.

“It's not really that bad! I mean, you wont feel it, and we wont be around all the time! We'll just check in every now and then, you know, to check in and see how things are going, and to make sure you're not doing anything... criminal.” Even though Gwen didn't like the idea of that chip - she hated it actually - everything else couldn't get any better. Except the 'fighting the good fight' of course.

After much thought, she lifted her head and stretched out her hand, with the other one following along in the cold handcuffs.

“I'm all yours.” They gladly shook her hand, and when she got the woman's hand, she pulled her up close so that their noses almost touched.

All the guards quickly pulled out their guns and aimed at her, as she whispered with a devils smile: “Don't worry, I know how to behave.” Gwen smiled as the leader sank hard, not sure whether to believe her or not.

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