The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


7. The chip


It wasn't difficult to find the cafeteria, just follow the rich smell of expensive food. The room were filled up with other subjects, and she looked for a spot to sit by, but all seats were taken. She weren't that hungry anyway and just lit a cigarette, standing against a wall, alone. Some subjects looked at her and probably mentioned her name too.

Someone stepped up to her, waiting for her attention as she finally looked her way.

This woman was more than half a head taller than Gwen – but her race was known for being short – she was clearly earthborn as her facial structures and ears were all human.

She had grey eyes and shoulder long, straight hair, in a dark green colour. Her arms were decorated with war tattoos, along with a tattoo of the Sirens, and she even wore their uniform too, same clothes as Gwen.

Gwen was rather surprised when she saluted her.

“Gwyneth, sir? I'm Sergeant Dasher, sir.” They shook hands, and Gwen gave her a curious look.

“How did you know it was me?” She asked and blew smoke at Dashers face.

“May I speak freely, sir?” Dasher asked, and Gwen nodded, yet a bit irritated.

“Just... don't. Stop that formal shit on me, I hate it.” She groaned.

“Sir! Yes sir! I mean...” Dasher shook her head, trying to set her head straight. “You... you step out from the crowd. Much.” The Sergeant said, and Gwen looked around.

She certainly did stand out, but so did Dasher.

“You've taken a look at yourself, Sergeant?” She smirked as Dasher chuckled, looking down herself before smiling at Gwen.

Dasher stood straight and had a proper posture, where as Gwen had a more sloppy and relaxed one.

“That's... fair enough, I admit. But my decoration's is from my time in duty. My hair colour? Used to be platinum blonde, but green is a better camouflage back on earth. Not that you probably have been there.”

Gwen extinguished her cigarette in the wall, and kicked off from the it, standing much shorter than Dasher. She opened her mouth as to talk, but that moment, the entire room got quiet as someone stepped into the room.

It slowly caught Gwen's attention as well, but she gave an irritated, deep sigh as two leaders walked towards her.

Dasher smirked to her and moved in close, whispering: “Already in trouble, sir?” And she then stepped away.

“What do you want?” She crossed her arms across her chest and clearly showed off her ill will.

Then doctor Anderson stepped out from the smaller crowd. “We need to talk.”

She grinned as they had delivered the news to her.

“So we can't plant this chip in your head, due to the one you got implanted when you were jailed. IF we implant this one into your brain, there will happen a short-circuit and you'll be fried.” He was very forward with it, and spoke with a serious and straight face, as they sat in a room that only reminded Gwen of the one where she met the three leaders.

“And we can't remove the one you already got...” He said and seemed annoyed by her bigger and bigger grin.

“So I'm 'off the hook'?” A silence fell upon them, and only sound was the usual background noises of a busy place.

The doctor then looked at the leaders, and they all nodded. “No. We'll have to modify it, so you might have to stay here a bit longer than we thought. We will provide you with whatever anesthesia’s we have, as this might cause migraines and other pains in your head, along with the symptoms of sickness, such as feeling dizzy, nauseous etc.” He said and Gwen's smile disappeared in an almost humorous way.

After it all had sunken in, she frowned.

“Are we done here?” She growled and already stood up, before they gave her an answer she had already begun storming out, with the doctor shouting at her: “Just head back to my clinic!”

Even though he had his doubts, Gwen was actually sitting in the medical chair as he returned, though she had burnt quite a few holes in the leather of the chair with her cigarettes.

“You're here!” He spoke a bit loud in surprise, even though he didn't mean to mention it at all.

“Of course.” She blew a grey cloud at him as she answered in a cold tone. “I want this dealt with quickly.”

“I'm afraid it's not that easy nor quick...” He pointed a finger at her and then motioned to one of his assistants to come over to them.

“It never is” Gwen said and extinguished her cigarette, glaring at the needle the assistant were carrying.

“Now, we're going to take a sample of your blood, so that we can manipulate it.” Without sedation she were stung, but it didn't hurt much this time either, of same reasons as before. “And how long will this take?”

He hesitated to answer her. “Well 10 minutes top to manipulate it... the treatment though... who knows, it can take days. Your body will be forced to adjust to the new DNA, so who knows how long that will take.”

“And what exactly does that mean?” She spoke with force, as it was clear that she had become annoyed by all of this already, and regretted leaving jail.

“I'll have you know that this is the first time this have been done outside the test chambers, and we've learned that the time period of adjustment varies from person to person.” He said and looked at a screen that showed him the process of the DNA manipulating. To him this was very fascinating; but he couldn't really follow, as it happened so quickly.

“And what does this involve?” Gwen asked and lit another cigarette.

“A lot of... pain. Cramps, dizziness, migraines, throwing up, swelling, sweating, hallucinations, possible blindness – but not permanent of course, vivid dreams. Possibly other things, not all of them have been recorded so we don't know it all, keep that in mind.”

She weren't okay with anything he just mentioned, and again she regretted her decision. She felt a bit timid, but mentally slapped herself in place and sat up straight, taking deep breaths and trying to hide her emotions.

“You getting nervous, sir?” A woman’s voice said from the door opening and Gwen recognized the green hair swaying at her movement.

“Sergeant.” Gwen said and burnt another hole in the chair as she extinguished her cigarette.

“We were interrupted last time,” Dasher smiled and leaned against the chair that Gwen sat on. “Doesn't sound like something I'd go through, all this manipulation and what not.”

“Well Sergeant, that's why I'm doing it, and not you.” Gwen smirked.

“So what are you doing here? Checking me out? Making sure I'm not some lunatic? Or just company? Mind you, I just came from a women’s jail, I might abuse my authority.” She chuckled and looked at Dasher from head to toe.

The Sergeant didn't know whether she was joking or not. “Please sir, I'm just here to win your trust. If otherwise, you'd know. Trust me.” They both smiled.

“I trust you Sergeant, I trust you to follow my orders. And to stop being so formal and calling me sir.” Gwen said, feeling greatly superior and powerful.

“Can we then trust you to make the right decisions?” Dasher asked with only a small smile, driving her hand through her dark green hair.

“We'll see.” Gwen said with a selfish smile, when they were interrupted.

“I'm sorry Sergeant, but we need Gwyneth for a while.” 

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