The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


11. Mashed potatoes


They didn't speak as they walked back to Gwen's room. The room was dark as they finally reached it at the top of many stairs.

“Where's the damned light switch?!” Gwen complained and waved her hand in the darkness, feeling the wall but couldn't find it.

She did find something else. The floor. A loud clash sounded from within the darkness, and Gwen let out a smaller “ow”.

“You okay sir?” Dasher said, trying to strangle her laugh, but it was clearly heard in her words.

Dasher found the flashlight in her holo-tool, though with difficulty with her hands full of food. She placed her own tray on the ground and tried to find Gwen in the darkness, when she suddenly stepped on something in her bare feet. It was warm and smooth, probably the mashed potatoes, and as her flashlight's light landed on it, she could see small strays of blue hair. She knelt down and lit up Gwen's face.

Trying to choke her laughter, she managed to ask if she needed any help: “Need help sir?”

“Oh no, I just really enjoy laying in mashed potatoes, makes for a great face-mask!” She said, sounding really sarcastic, but it didn't help Dasher, that still tried not to laugh.

“C'mon sir, get up and I'll find the light.” Dasher said, finally sounding normal as the laugh had calmed down.

“You think I don't want to get up? I'm kinda stuck here...” Gwen said in annoyance and managed to get up on her elbows.

“What do you mean?” Dasher asked, finally finding the light-switch and lit the room.

“Well my legs wont, you know, work.” Gwen said, rolling her eyes.

“Oh...” Dasher knelt down next to her, chuckling as Gwen had food in her face and hair, and she didn't seem too impressed with it.

“Hey, Sergeant, come here...” Gwen then said, smiling and waving her closer with a single finger.

Intrigued, Dasher came in closer to her superior, that still smiled that strange way. Dasher was about to ask her why she had to come so close, when she felt the warm substance of the mashed potatoes as Gwen covered her face with a handful of it. How mature.

“So, would you please help me up and into the bed?” Gwen said, still smiling that sly smile. “I did say please.”

Dasher didn't know whether to throw potatoes at Gwen, or do as she was asked, and help the half-paralyzed Bargoshi. Wiping off the mashed potatoes so that she could properly see Gwen's grin, she only wanted to cover her in the food even more, but decided not to.

“Good Sergeant” Gwen said, smiling triumphantly as Dasher carried her to her bed, with an unimpressed glare.

As they stood by the bed, Dasher stood still a bit, looking at Gwen that gave a confused look, which turned into a shocked one and gave a little shriek, as she were suddenly dropped on top of the bed, instead of just being put down gently. Gwen complained a bit, but Dasher didn't seem to react to it, as she went to pick up her own tray of food, and sat down on the chair, placed conveniently close to Gwen's bed.

“So... are you going to share that food with me?” Gwen said and did her best to crawl to the other end of the bed where Dasher sat.

“Why? Weren't me that dropped all of my food.” Dasher said and chewed happily on a vegetable, making noises of enjoyment.

“Well now, it's not you that have paralyzed legs either” Gwen said and stretched her arm out to try and reach the meat, but Dasher just stood up and walked a few steps.

“You could always ask me nicely.” She said with an amused grin.

“Or I could command you” Gwen said and was about to do so, when Dasher walked up close to her and knelt in front of the bed

As their faces were only inches from touching, Dasher took another bite of the vegetables, both of them otherwise quiet.

“Stop being so formal all the time, Gwyneth.” Dasher said, using Gwen's own words against her and gave a rather fake smile, showing her white teeth.

She dropped the fork onto the plate and handed Gwen the plate, before going to sit on the chair again with Gwen's eyes sticking to her.

“I'm a vegetarian” Dasher said, to avoid questions about why she hadn't even touched the food and eaten all the vegetables.

Gwen managed to get into a comfortable position and began eating promptly, as her hunger had reached the point of starvation. None of them said a word as Gwen ate and Dasher looked through some files.

“When am I going to be let out from this place?” Gwen suddenly said, and looked rather remorseful as she was getting tired of being around.

She weren't slow to admit that she missed jail and the excitement of it.

“Soon, I hope...” Dasher said and leaned back in the chair, looking at Gwen's saddening face as she missed to move around.

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