The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


8. Manipulation


“If you'd take all of your clothes off and step into this chamber, please.” Doctor Anderson said and stopped before a small chamber.

Shyness weren't a trait she possessed, and dropped her clothing without any hesitation, yet it was only Dasher that didn't seem to be intimidated by the nakedness of her superior, as all the others tried not to look at her fit body and small breasts.

“Don't get any ideas now, Sergeant” Gwen teased before stepping into the claustrophobic room.

“Just stand perfectly still, and we'll begin right away,” Anderson instructed and so she did, as she stood on a cold platform that slowly began moving, turning her around.

“What are you doing to her?” Dasher asked and watched colourful rays being shot at Gwen, and her body absorbed it, glowing a bit itself.

“We're injecting the manipulated DNA, it's a very quick way, cutting edge technology, only we have this. It is also highly dangerous, but her improved immune-system should block the radiation out, and cleanse the body of the impurity. This would also remove any addictions, but Bargoshi, her race, are known for not being able to become addicted... They're such a fascinating species...” He spoke slowly and looked up from his holo-tool and watched Gwen standing naked in the smaller chamber.

And for a short moment, he just stood there, hypnotized by her, before Dasher made the next move.

“Watch your eyes doc” Dasher said and hit him in the back of his head, but not too hard, doctors were rather fragile people, and Dasher had a keen dislike to any that hadn't served in the war and seen their share of blood.

“That's my boss in there, you better show her respect, or I'll show you my fist.” She threatened him, and he thought she had given such friendly and positive vibes.

He didn't answer her, just gave her a nervous glare and then looked back down at the data.

“Just a minute or so left, hang in there!” He said through a speaker that sat in the chamber, and Gwen would have answered, but was too dizzy and did her best to just stand up.

It felt like more than just a minute, as the spinning stopped and she could relax again. But she couldn't control herself, as her balance had been set off track and she tilted to the right, leaning against the door. Just a second after, the door were opened and she fell out. The doctor and his assistants stepped aside per reflex so they wouldn't get hit by her, whereto Gwen landed in the arms of the Sergeant.

“You still here?” Gwen asked and tried to make the white roof above her stop spinning for her eyes.

Dasher had no excuse for being here, as she held a dizzy, blue haired, naked Bargoshi.

“Could someone hand me my clothing?” Gwen asked and tried to stand up herself, pushing helping hands away.

But they were needed, as she suddenly fell down on all four, feeling something warm coming up her throat. A few of the assistants flinched when Gwen threw up some kind of blue substance that smelled like peppermint and had the substance of puke. Dasher glared at the doctor, as he suddenly seemed so diffident, raising his shoulders with an apologetic smile.

“Side effect” he said sheepishly.

Dasher had to resist punching the guy as she bend down to Gwen, and spoke softly: “You need help sir.”

Gwen felt rather humiliated by her weak constitution, she thought that Dasher would lose a bit of respect for her in this weak moment.

“No, I don't need you help!” She exclaimed, but felt a sudden numbness in her legs, like a buzzing feeling that slowly grew into emptiness.

She tried to describe the feeling, and again, the doctor seemed bashful.

“Oh well... no worries, it's only until your body have gotten used to it. It'll wear off soon enough!” He feared that Dasher would hit him again, but she only mumbled about how painfully weak this doctor was.

Even Gwen were surprised, as he had seemed so confident in the beginning. Maybe nudity intimidated him. Gwen then sighed, realizing that she wouldn't get anywhere like this without help.

“Fine, help me... But the Sergeant is going to, none of your disgustingly sterile fingers are going to touch me!” She had no problem with the clean and sterile place she now were in, but it could get too much by the end of it.

After getting dressed, which was very difficult as her body began growing numb and she could barely move or feel anything, Dasher picked her up, which made Gwen furious. She were no damsel in distress, she didn't need a knight in shining armor. That was over dramatizing it, yes, but that was how she saw herself at her weak moments. She didn't want help from anyone. At all.

Now what?” She asked.

Now... we wait.” Doctor Anderson said with a dramatic pause, but it got rather awkward as Dasher and Gwen looked at each other, and then back at the doctor.

He seemed back to normal after she had gotten dressed.

Where do I wait?” Gwen asked in annoyance for his failed, desperate try at making things more interesting and dramatic.

He cleared his throat. “Right, I'll let my assistants show you to your room, and we'll see what happens next.”

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