The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


9. Her room


Gwen had gotten her own room, which were where Dasher carried her off to.

As she opened the door, she were greeted by a metallic room, as both the walls, floor and ceiling were covered in this hard matter. By the far off wall were a gigantic window, which emitted the feeling of sunlight, yet it was only a bright lamp behind it, covered by purple coloured blinds. It threw small stripes of light down upon the long, one-man bed, that had the familiar purple colours and the mark of the Sirens. Next to it stood a metal night-stand, with a single lamp and an empty drawer. By the foot of the bed stood a tall lamp and a sofa chair in the same colour as the bed. The side walls were rather bare, except for a door to the bathroom on the left, and a giant walk-in-closet to the right. The last wall, the one with the entrance, held only an enormous TV, that could be moved around the room at free will. Next to it stood a large, blossoming plant, with giant, white flowers that reminded Dasher of lilies, but she had forgotten the name of it. At last, in the centre of the room, were a big, round rug. It was purple, with a black silhouette of a mythological creature. Half-woman and half-fish. This was called a “mermaid”, but in some cases, a “siren” were portrayed with the same traits. The siren were forming an “S” for obvious reasons.

After having looked all over the room, Dasher stepped into the darkness, and the door silently closed behind her. She went to the bed, and carefully laid Gwen on it, which proved difficult in the darkness, but luckily Gwen didn't weigh that much and Dasher was rather strong.

After getting tucked in, Gwen turned around in the bed and looked up at Dasher.

“Huh? Where am I?” She asked, apparently she had been sleeping. “Why are you still here?” She asked in a dull and sleepy tone.

“This is your room, sir. And as you clearly said: you didn't want those “disgustingly sterile fingers” to touch you, which is why I'm still here.” Dasher said and looked down at her, barely being able to make out her expression, as Gwen smirked.

“Well then, could you massage my feet?” She asked, yet it didn't sound like she had given her a question, but more likely a subtle order.

“Sir, that's not what I'm here for-” Dasher tried to get around it, but it was in vain.

“I order you to do so then” Gwen said in a happy voice, feeling triumphal.

Dasher gave an annoyed and hard sigh, before sitting down on the bed, grabbing and massaging the feet of her superior. Yet it didn't take long before she could hear Gwen taking in deep and long breaths, and figured she was sleeping.

As she stood up, she saw that they had been given a bucket, probably for Gwen's bad stomach, and pushed it closer to the bed, before sitting down in the surprisingly soft chair.

For a while, a few minutes or so, she just sat there, observing Gwen sleeping. But she quickly gave up, as it got boring, and turned on her holo-tool, reading the news and looking through other things, everything from important, to personal, to just enjoyment. She had to make the time go, as she were nowhere near tired.

They spend a few days like this, almost a week. Dasher brought Gwen food, Gwen threw it all up again in the same, blue, peppermint scented form of puke, and as she slept, Dasher would sometimes sneak down to the gym.

Gwen never were awake for too long, only to eat and use the bathroom, then she gave in to the slumber again, and even though Dasher had begun to worry, she decided not to say anything to the doctor yet.

Then one day, as Dasher got finished after a shower in the bathroom, she heard footsteps in the other room. Quickly putting on a pair of shorts, she moved in haste. Gwen was standing up, trying to balance on her still sleeping feet.

“Morning sleeping beauty,” Dasher said and dried her green hair in her towel, and Gwen didn't respond to her, as she didn't recognize the name of a famous story – but then again, that was a human tale.

“How long have I been out?” Gwen asked, with what sounded like a stuffed nose, and slowly looked up at Dasher, fearing that she'd loose her balance if she went too fast.

“A week or so, you okay?”

“I feel fine, just a bit light headed is all... And hungry.” She looked at the green haired Human, that just looked back, without saying a thing.

“But maybe you should take a shower first. You smell absolutely horrible!” Dasher complained, waiving a hand before her nose, and Gwen tried to smell herself, but quickly realized that her nose was stuffed.

“Well you tell me, I can't smell a thing!” She said and shrugged.

“Lucky you.” Dasher said short and followed her to the bathroom.

The floor was still wet, as they entered the rather big bathroom. Gwen was about to remove her shirt, when she looked at Dasher that looked back, not realizing a thing, but that didn't stop Gwen.

“Are you just going to stand there like that?” She asked, and Dasher suddenly realized what she hinted at, and quickly turned around.

“Well, I'm going to stay out here, in case your legs would give in again and you'd fall... we don't know just how well you are after a week in bed.” That seemed reasonable enough, in Dasher's mind.

After getting undressed completely, Gwen gave a chuckle.

“Well if that's your excuse,” she smirked, not that Dasher saw it, and stepped into the shower, turning on the hot water just as the Sergeant opened her mouth:

“What do you mean by that?!” She sounded slightly offended by the suggestion that she was out for something else than her superiors safety, but the running water muffled her question for Gwen's ears.

As Dasher stood up against the glass to the shower, she couldn't help herself, but to look over her shoulder every now and then, to peek at her superior, but the steam from the heat had covered the glass, and all she could see were a silhouette, bottom half white and top half covered in many thousands of colours and of course the very blue hair stood out.

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