The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


6. Doctor Anderson


”Let's see... Oh! We got the exciting one!” A man said in a white lab-coat and looked through her charts, with a small but gleeful smile.

As he did so, Gwen just shook her head with a flattered smirk and sat on a medical chair. The man, probably a doctor, were quickly surrounded by a few assistants as they all looked at her files, then up at her, then down at the files again.

“Impressive things you've done, a lot of important peoples bloods on your hands. Burnt down villages, massacres, big time thievery, vandalism. You certainly cost a lot of money, fixing all that you've ruined. Hah, you know, it's because of people like you that we're doing this.” He chuckled at the irony.

“Then why am I a part of this?” She asked and watched him walk around in the slightly cold, completely white and sterile, room.

“You tell me. The bosses sees something in you, and the power you have over others. You're truly a wondrous specimen in their eyes. You just have this promising look about you, the things you managed within such a short time, it's almost unrealistic, spectacular.” He stopped in front of her and looked her straight in the eyes.

“And what do you think?” She asked without breaking the intense eye contact.

“I think... that it's a good idea. We are getting you on our side for this. I think, that the leaders fear you, that they feared that you'd just kill all their small puppets. That you'd be unstoppable, even in jail, where we both know you could easily break out. I think... that we're just creating an even more powerful villain. That this is a great risk. I've heard that the other doctors and scientists are too afraid to have you as their subject.” He finally stopped talking, and raised a brow as Gwen laughed.

“They have a every good reason too,” she said with a self satisfied smirk. “Shall we get started?”

The doctor nodded, and within a second he began ordering his team around loudly, reading up a lot of medical terms, which only sounded like another language to Gwen, yet everyone else understood and rushed around, as they were much excited with her.

She found it entertaining to watch, how interested they were in her. But she just kept the smirk and laughed on the inside.

“Don't worry Gwyneth, you'll be sedated the whole time. Though we need you to stay awake, the anesthesia is very strong, and we can't risk you never waking up again.”

“Wouldn't that just be the easiest way to get rid of me?” She joked and removed her shirt, revealing a bare torso, as she couldn't fill out even the smallest bra, but her race had never been able to do so without surgery.

The doctor couldn't help himself but to smile at the sight, even though he fought it very hard. It wasn't to make fun of her, just pure admiration. He was really interested in her apparently.

“Yes, aren't I just a beauty. They told me so in prison. It was fun to make them regret touching me.” She said, yet his smile remained until the assistants spoke to him.

They brought needles to her skin, though it did little to almost nothing as in pain, since she had been pierced and filled with drugs enough times to last a life time.

“It's going good so far, it'll take a while for it to work, can I get you anything?” He asked and removed his gloves.

“Not without your name.” She smiled to the rather attractive doctor, as he avoided eye contact at first, and gave a nervous smile as he looked back at her.

“Doctor Anderson.” They shook hands.

“You know who.” She said and could slowly feel her hand become numb at the touch.

“Am I now on your 'to kill' list?” He joked and got a new pair of gloves on.

Gwen didn't answer and just turned her hand, stretching it as she at last couldn't feel a thing in her entire body.

“Seems like you're ready.” He said with a smile and gently pushed her back, so that she were laying on the medical chair, and asked her to lay on her left side, before raising the chair.

The sedation worked perfectly as it should, and Gwen didn't feel a thing, though the sounds were overwhelming. They cut an opening on her left side of her head, where she was bald, as they stood underneath her during the operation.

“That you have shaved yourself here actually helps, now we wont have to do it.” Doctor Anderson said, and chuckled at her response: “My pleasure.”

She then heard the sound of a drill, and everything began to shake for a while.

“Now we're just making our way into your braincells, to plant this chip. Was it difficult to convince you to this?” He asked, making small talk. To get to know his subject better.

“Surprisingly not,” her answer was, “the thought of getting out from there was enough. And did I mention that I get my own ship? With a full crew!” She spoke loudly and smiled, as he chuckled.

“Yes yes. Luxury, I know. A ship entirely full of women.” He said and removed the drill, picking up the small chip with a tweezers.

“The reaction to this has not yet been recorder, so expect... something.” The pause before 'something' made Gwen a bit nervous, and she quickly spoke, but a bit too slow:

“Wait, what do you mean by- Aah!” She cried out as the chip touched the back of her brain, and they all jumped slightly at the scream, quickly pulling the chip out.

She flew up in the seat and almost fell off, her body was shaking like a leaf.

“What... what was that?!” She asked in a shaking voice, and looked at her shaking hands.

“What a reaction!” Anderson said in glee and noted it down on his holo-tool.

Gwen felt herself in the left side of her head, and found a hole that her finger slipped into, but she quickly pulled it out, looking at the blood.

“Don't touch that! You could take some serious brain damage!” Doctor Anderson said and cleaned her hand. “Gwyneth could you... hold on for a while... I need to look through some files... again.”

After moving the chair down again, they covered the hole in her head and handed her the top.

“Go get some lunch. I need to...” He began mumbling and some assistants sent Gwen out the room. 

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