The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


10. Dafne Klem Jørgensen


Standing under the warm water, Gwen could feel her stomach roar so badly, that it actually hurt her.

“I've got to get something to eat, hopefully it'll stay down this time!” She yelled out and hoped Dasher could hear her.

The water then stopped, and Gwen stepped out from the bath, receiving a towel from Dasher, that did her best to look the other way.

“Wouldn't be the first time you had seen me like this, you know” Gwen said, but Dasher still refused to look.

“Sorry sir, I respect your privacy too much for that.” She sounded so true to her statement, that she almost even fooled herself.

But as her superior walked away, leaving wet spots on the floor, Dasher almost beat herself for even thinking of looking and just looked at the mirror instead.

“What time is it?” Gwen asked from the other room, and Dasher quickly activated her holo-tool.

“It's... 06:10 PM” and she felt her own stomach suddenly complain.

“We should really get something to eat soon,” Dasher said and walked into the other room.

Gwen had gotten dressed in large and loose purple pants and a black tank-top with the familiar symbol on.

“Remember to get your tattoo” Dasher said, and Gwen looked at hers on the left shoulder.

“...I should” she said, and looked at it for a while, in a deep silence, which Dasher interrupted by clearing her throat. “Shall we?”

Just like last time, the cafeteria were full of the many different races, and not a single table was empty.

“Reminds me of school” Dasher said, and remembered how the school's cafeteria always would be so crowded.

“You went to school?” Gwen asked, sounding a bit surprised, as she didn't know much about Humans.

The line for the food was long and boring, in front of them stood a Reptor, they were a giant reptile-people, with the scales, the eyes, claws and tails.

Behind them stood a Cathkar, which had the traits of the feline family, with the fur, claws, tail and ears, night-vision, whiskers, etc. They even purred.

“Yeah I went to school... didn't you?” Dasher gave her this curious look with a raised eyebrow.

But before Gwen could get to answer, someone approached the two of them.

“My my, if it isn't Sergeant Dasher and...” The woman looked at Dasher with a grand and confident smile, yet Gwen could sense the ill-will behind it. “You must be Gwyneth.”

She was tall, a lot taller than Dasher, which meant Gwen had to look up to see her face. She had a big red mane, not curly just fluffy and lively. Her uniform were tight, in the colour white and her symbol were yellow, almost golden. It was the silhouette of a strong woman raising her fist into the air. Same symbol was tattooed on her shoulder, along with a lot of different war-tattoos.

“And you are?” Gwen asked, though she had seen this woman’s mocking face a lot.

“Why don't you tell her, Sergeant Dasher?” She kept that confident smirk.

“She is... she was my commanding officer back in the army at earth, named Dafne Klem Jørgensen... She has won many medals and titles. The most honourable human in all of human war-history, the most respected and adored human in a long time... Now she's the leader of the Amazons, the most anticipated STG of them all...” Dasher didn't look away as she kept her eye-contact with the other woman, feeling anger rush in her, and Gwen could easily feel the tension between them.

“Is that all?” The woman, Dafne, didn't sound exactly satisfied, and then bend down to whisper to Gwen: “I wouldn't trust a woman that doesn't tell all of the truth.”

Gwen looked Dasher, whom didn't seem one bit pleased with the whispering, and Gwen then looked back at Dafne.

“Oh? Well I don't care about the truth, or of the past you share. I only trust that she follows my orders, nothing more, nothing less.” Gwen said in a nonchalantly tone, but smirked.

Dafne chuckled. “Oh well, she's not my problem any more. Enjoy the company, Gwyneth.”

After Dafne had left them, it was their turn in the line, and got served a dish that seemed fit for the Gods, and Gwen could feel her hunger even more.

“But... where are we going to sit?” Dasher asked and looked over the crowd, as she could see more than Gwen for obvious reasons.

“Do we have to sit here? We could just go back to our- ... your room.” 

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