The Sirens: Extinction

Our universe is a dangerous place, and our peace is fragile. Dark lord's are trying to claim the many worlds we occupy, create giant massacres, holocausts, start galactic wars, you mention it. Therefore, we create heroes.


5. A speech


A loud knocking woke her, and for short, she forgot where she was, but it quickly kicked in, and she shook her head.

“Gwyneth, we're landing at the HQ now, be ready in 10.” A voice said, unfamiliar and very strict as it ordered her out of the bed.

She groaned before standing up and suddenly realized how horrible she smelled.

“Oh God! No wonder I slept so well, phew!” She mumbled and almost couldn't breathe, but the tight air in here did that to her, made her sweat that much more, as her race was used to freedom on a planet that consists mostly of forests.

Could she make it in time? A quick shower before whatever were going to happen next, which was still a mystery for her. As the water began flowing through the system and out into the shower cabin she had chosen, she jumped in shock, as she hadn't expected the water to be this cold. The prison had very hot water, as it was a desert planet, even the drinking water was warm.

“Cold cold cold!” She complained and jumped a bit around, carefully so that she wouldn't slip, as she waited for her body to get used to it, but that didn't happen.

“That was the worst shower I've ever had, and I've spent time in jail...”

When she came back to her own room, her jumpsuit and shirt had been packed in a bag, and instead, a black t-shirt, with the mark of the Sirens, and a pair of loose purple pants, were found on her bed. She rolled her eyes in a groan, as she got dressed, but before putting on the t-shirt, she ripped the arms off of it, so that it turned into a top instead, and she smiled at it.

Two guards guided her towards the meeting place, and on the way, she noticed that she was the only one with any kind of escort.

“Nice seeing that you trust me.” She said and put her hands in her pockets, irritated by the guards presence.

As they walked the way to where ever, Gwen looked at everyone, and was amazed by the number of people and the many different races. At least one of each was present, it looked more like a zoo than anything else. A zoo with uniforms, both on candidates and staff.

She recognized many of them from the news, as they had been described as heroes and saints, which had quickly gotten tiring to listen to as a criminal, as she usually fought people like these. Everyone gave her the same look, as she gave them, of either disgust, annoyance, interest and even hate. Their judging looks made her irritated, and she gave them all the finger, which they all were about to react to, when a voice spoke through a microphone, and on a stage stood one of the world leaders.

“We've gathered all of you here, because we've seen the worlds. We know of the dangers that lurks on every planet. Our reality is in a bad shape, and we need people who can save us, we need heroes. We need you. You all come from different planets, different homeworlds, though some of you might know each other, and some have worked together, others are only known by names and stories. No matter our differences, we are all a part of the same universe, and the same disasters, and each of your skills will be needed. We'll run tests on you, making sure that our decisions and beliefs in you haven't been misplaced. Take advantage of this chance, because it's one in a life time.”

Doctors, scientists and what not filled the room, walking around with charts and took away a person each, and led them into separate rooms.

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