Upside down / ∩dsıpǝ poʍu

Jasmines life was perfect until SOMEONE comes along and turns her life upside down. she doesn't know this person at all but falls in-love with him.When she finds out will she fight herself to the top again or is it too late.



Jasmine is an innocent rich girl that has everything and gets everything. There was a new boy that had transfer to her school . She found him cute and went for her mission.As she walks toward him down the hallway she gets the butterfly's in her stomach and walks straight passed him. He takes off hiss sunglasses and says to himself  " wow is that Jasmine" and then he goes up to her instead .

ZAC: hello, I couldn't help but notice you noticing me noticing you.

JASMINE: so you noticed what's your name.

ZAC: My name is Zac, So if you don't mind ill take you dinner this Saturday.

JASMINE: I knew when I first saw you , that you were as handsome as a new hundred dollar bill.

ZAC:  Your so beautiful that you can see it from miles away.

JASMINE : Oh why thank you by the way I need to get to my class .

The hallway is clear and only Zac is there. He answers his phone ,His master called him to come to the schools basement.

MASTER: So.......... 

ZAC: Our plans going perfectly . I pretended to love jasmine so now she thinks that I love her and she loves me back .

MASTER: This is easier than I thought, good job keep it up.

ZAC: I need to go,  am already late for class. bye



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