A new life with One Direction

Sophie Harrison is best friends with the one and only Liam Payne. They always laugh and joke about but when Liam leaves for X-Factor again, sophie is scared incase he forgets about her and their friendship. Will he forget? and will she change her view of him?


10. Home sweet home!


O-M-G this is where im going to be living, its huge. There is a pool, a huge games room and 3 garages. I run into the living room with Louis chasing after me.

"GAHH!" I scream as i run around the living room. Louis is currently chasing me because i pushed him in the pool, when the boys were showing me around the house.

"IM GOING TO GET YOU!" He yells tackling me from behind. I land on the floor and hes just laughing at me.

"NO! GET OF ME!" I scream but Lou just laughs and pins my hands above my head.

"You started it," He laughs and Niall walks in holding a glass of juice.

"LIAM! LOUIS TRYING TO KILL SOPHIE!" Niall yells and Liam comes running in holding a book.

"Louis, get off of Sophie," Liam sighs placing the book on the coffee table.

"Bu-" He goes to continue but Liam interupt him.

"butts are for sitting on,up now," Liam says pointing at Louis, who gets up with his hands raised.

"Sorry Lili," Louis smiles before running off to get dressed. Im wet and i smell like Louis, thats just amazing. Liam helps me up and i smile slightly.

"Thanks Lili," I smile before running up to the room, Louis introduced as mine. I pull out some dry clothes and quickly slip them on. Todays been fun, shopping with the lads, almost falling in a pool and being tackled my Lou. The bed looks so tempting, i run and dive onto the bed and i almost fell of.

"Mhhh this is so comfy," I sigh closing my eyes slightly, i need sleep. I close my eyes fully and let sleep wash over me.

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