A new life with One Direction

Sophie Harrison is best friends with the one and only Liam Payne. They always laugh and joke about but when Liam leaves for X-Factor again, sophie is scared incase he forgets about her and their friendship. Will he forget? and will she change her view of him?


5. Awake?

Sophie POV


Liam was here, oh my gosh. He had tears in his eyes but he kept a smile on his face. 'Why is he here?' I asked myself.

"Ohh Sophie i was so worried," He smiled sadly. He looked tired and stressed, his clothes were creased but he still looked as handsom as ever.

"Liam, wheres my parents?" I ask going to sit up in the bed, But Liam push's me back down.

"I dont know they havnt told me yet," He sighs with sympaty in his eyes. I bagan  to worry, Liam gripped my hand and rubbed his thumb over my hand.

"Relax, they'll be ok, hopefully," He smiles, i relax and close my eyes, it feels so peaceful. I hear Liam shufffle beside me, i opened my eyes sligtly to find him moving closer to the bed.

"Liam, come lay next to me," I mumble scooting over the bed, he obays and carefuly lays next to me trying not to hurt me.

"Night Soph," He smiles, squeezing my hand slightly.

"Night Li," I smiles closing my eyeas once again and letting sleep consume me for the second time in an hour.

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