A new life with One Direction

Sophie Harrison is best friends with the one and only Liam Payne. They always laugh and joke about but when Liam leaves for X-Factor again, sophie is scared incase he forgets about her and their friendship. Will he forget? and will she change her view of him?


2. A year later

Sophies POV

Its been a few months since i last talked to Liam, I knew someone as talented and as famous as him would never remember anyone as plain and ordinary as me.

"Sophie dear some on, were going for dinner," My dad yelled from outside my door. I groaned and slid of the bed and sluggishly stalked to my wardrobe, it was half past one and i was still in my pyjamas. I quickly dressed into something comfortable and stalked out of my room. 

"Hun you look lovely," My mum smiles walking out of her room with her bag slung over her shoulder. My mum is like any typical mum, she cooks, cleans and has a soft spot for cake. Im an only child sadly so she gives me what she can, some times i wish i had an older brother or sister as i can get really lonely.

"Thanks mum, where's dad?" I ask following her down the stairs.

"He's in the car," My mum smiles at me before grabbing her stuff from the table. I sigh and walk out the house, my dad was sat in the car playing with his phone. I skip over to the car and open the car door.

"Hey dad," I smiles slipping in the back, he looks into the mirror and smiles at me.

"Hey darling, should be go to The Woodman or The Grayhound pub?" He asks watching my mum slide in the car.

"The Grayhound pub!" I yell from the back and my mum just chuckles

"The Grayhound pub it is then," My dad smiles, starting the car and reversing out of the drive.

"So talked to Liam lately?" My mum asks, there was a long silence before my dad broke the silence by changing the conversation. I silently thanked him and turned my attention to my phone. I check twitter: Nothing. I check Facebook: still nothing. I sigh and stuff my phone in my pocket just as we pull into the car park.

"Yes, im hungry," I smiles jumping out of the car and running towards the doors. My parents followed behind me slowly, when they reached me i swung the door open and we took our usual seat. Ohhh i wish Liam was here, he would sit right next to me and we would annoy our parents, My mum noticed i looked abit upset and threw a piece of bread at me.

"Hey!" I giggle picking the bread up which was on my plate and popping it in my mouth. The waiter walked over with a notebook in her hand.

"Hello how can i help you?" She smiles happily looking around the table. My mum and dad order the spaghetti and i just order chips.

"Thanks," I smile at the woman as she places the food on the table, she was quite a nice girl, she didn't snap or even roll her eyes when she spoke to someone. She smiles and walked off to another table.

"She seems nice," My dad smiles placing a fork full of spaghetti into his mouth. My mum nods with her mouth full of spaghetti, I laugh and pop a chip in my mouth. We sat in the pub for a while eating and talking until we had all finished.

"Mum can we go," I groaned sitting back in my seat. She nods and pays the check, my dad grabs my hand and pulls me out of the restaurant while my mum skipped behind us.

"I love you dad," I smiles hugging him tight, My mum awed but kept walking.

"I love you too," He grins letting go of me and climbing into the car, I slip in behind him and lay don't with the belt round me.

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