A new life with One Direction

Sophie Harrison is best friends with the one and only Liam Payne. They always laugh and joke about but when Liam leaves for X-Factor again, sophie is scared incase he forgets about her and their friendship. Will he forget? and will she change her view of him?


4. A call and a worried me

Liam's POV

"LOUIS SIT DOWN!" I yell and he quickly sits next to Harry who was fiddling with his phone. Niall was sat with his guitar playing random songs while Zayn was sat admiring him. The boys are not as bad and mischievousness as people put them out to be, Louis has a serious side, Harry is very romantic, he wants to have that one special woman and Niall he doesn't eat as much as people say he does and all the hate people use to give him really did hurt him. Zayn is very caring and he is very compassionate. I sat down on the couch and pulled my phone out to check twitter. 

"Guys we should do a twitcam later," I say looking at the lads, The nod and turn back to what they where doing. I sit for a while just scrolling through twitter when my phone starts ringing in my hands, i quickly accept the call and bring the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" I say sitting up.

"Hello is this Liam Payne?" The person on the other end asks. 

"Yes, can i ask what the problem is?" I ask abit worried.

"Do you know a Miss Sophie Harrison?" He asks, i was becoming worried and the mention of her name made me worry even more.

"Yes, is something wrong? is she hurt?" I ask, standing up startling the lads, i sent them an sad smile.

"Yes, shes been in a car accident and your listed as a really close friend, do you mind coming to  New Cross Hospital? She need you," He says abit rushed. I signal for the boys to follow me and i grabbed the car keys and tossed them to Louis.

"Yes il be there as soon as i can," I rush out before ending the call.

"Louis drive to New Cross Hospital," I say climbing into the front. He does as he's told and jumps in the car.

"Sorry if im being a bit bossy guys its an emergency that's all," I say sadly whilst rubbing my temples.

"Its ok mate,"Harry smiles, patting me on the back. I smiles sadly and look at Louis who was focused on driving.

"You ok Louis?" I ask, he nods but doest look at me. I sigh and slump back in my seat. Niall and Zayn were talking about music and Harry was playing on twitter again. I hope she's ok, i haven't talked to her in a while, i was busy working on new songs.

"Liam...why are we going to a hospital?" Niall asks looking abit worried, well so do the rest of the boys but he looked abit more worried.

"Well you know the girl Sophie i was talking about, well shes been in an accident and im the only who can come to see her, i wonder where her parents are?" I question myself.

"Liam what if th-they were in the accident?" Zayn says with his eyes wide. I think it through in my head and i become even more stressed and worried.

"Ohh gosh," Harry groans with his hand over my mouth.

"How old is she?" Louis asks, his voice kept trying to betray him.

"Same age as me,"I state, she may be 19 but she so fragile and she might not be able to survive by herself if they are gone.

"LOUIS STEP ON IT!" Zayn screams and Louis speeds up abit. We reach the hospital in an hour, the boys refused to stay in the car so they had to come.

"Guys, we have to be calm when were here ok?" I say and they all nod. I open the doors and the woman behind the counter smiles.

"Hello which room is Sophie Harrison in?" I ask tapping my foot.

"Room 345," She smiles pointing us down the hall. We thank her and begin running down the hall.

"Liam, what are you going to do?" Louis asks, i shrug and press the button for the elevator. I cant wait to see her, its been so long. I didn't realise we were on the floor she was on until i was being pulled by Niall and Zayn.

"Guys what if she hates me," I say sadly.

"Ohh shut up Liam, shes wont hate you!" Harry yell's. We come to a stop outside her door, i panic and go to move put Harry opens the door and push's me in. She was laid ont he bed with her brown curly running over her shoulders, her skin was paler than normal and her blue eyes were sealed shit. I walk over and take a seat beside her, i took her small hand in mine and held it lightly afraid i will hurt her. She looked so peaceful, she hasn't changed at all. I brush a few stray curls out of her face and trail my fingers across her cheek to her light pink lips. She loved to sing with me when we baked cakes, of course i would always end up burning mine but she would always let me decorate hers. I miss those days when we could hang out and watch films all day in our pyjamas, but as im famous now i get stalked where ever i go.

"Please open your eyes Sophie, I miss you," I say with tears in my eyes. I wipe them away and kiss her hand. They were so cold, it frightened me i was afraid she would disappear. I felt her hand move abit but when i looked up nothing had happened, i must be imagining things but it happens again but this time her eyes are slightly open and shes looking at me.

"Liam..." She trails in a sweet delicate voice. 

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