It Really Is Complicated - A One Direction Fanfiction

Julie has finally found the right boy and is head over heels in love. But no matter how much she loves her boyfriend, their relationship gets pretty complicated. She cheats on him, with his best friend, because she can't help it. He has a drunken affair. In the band he's in, there's a guy who likes her. How much trouble could she go through? (14+)


10. The party

After a few weeks, Harry had come back, and Louis as well, of course. They found out that their album was number 1 in 33 countries and decided to make a celebration party for this prestigious achievement.


It was going to take place in Funky Buddha, the boys’ favorite club, of course. They were going to rent it all, and only the ones that would receive an invitation could come. it was going to be pretty difficult for me and my insecurities, with all of Harry’s flings and exs roaming around the club half naked. Yeah, I was friends with them, but I was still seeing them as a threat. Cara, the model, who was much skinnier than me would be there. Caroline, the pretty-legged one was going to have some fun on the big night as well. And last but not least, Taylor Swift. I hated her. Everyone thinks she’s so grounded but she’s actually just a little diva. Who’s always all over my boyfriend.


The night had come and I was surrounded by more and more celebrities. Harry was already having fun with Niall, having their first drink of the night. Liam was mingling, Louis tried to avoid me but still shot me some naughty looks so all I had left was Perrie and Zayn. We were standing at the entrance, greeting everyone that came in. And then came Taylor. She headed straight to Harry, not even saying hi to me. From the second he saw her, she started flirting.


Anger and jealousy came running through my veins. I left Perrie and Zayn apologizing, and made my way to Harry. I felt a hand grip my wrist. It was Niall. Niall had this all-time crush on me and we both tried to ignore it the most of the time, and act as friends, but sometimes he or I would get carried away.

-Would you like to dance? he shouted, trying to cover the loud music. I tried to say ‘No, sorry’, but he instantly grabbed my waist and let his hands travel to my bum. Enough is enough. I pushed him away, frowning and yelling ‘NO NIALL!’.


Taylor was now getting closer to Harry, resting her hands on his chest. Everyone was getting out of my way, fortunately. I got to Harry, pushed Taylor away as she squealed, grabbed Harry’s face and started kissing him roughly.

-Let’s dance babe, I said pulling his hand. He happily grinned and headed to the dancefloor. I stopped right in front of Taylor who had a fake scared expression.

-He’s mine, so don’t touch him again blondie, I hissed through my teeth and followed Harry.


We started dancing for a while, and then Grimmy came at us and took Harry for a shot. I was now alone in the crowd and looked around for anyone that could keep me company. I glanced at Harry; it was just him, Grimmy, and Aimee. I saw Louis come towards me, looking hungrily at me.

-Hello sexy, he whispered in my ear, grabbing my bum. I smiled, and made sure nobody was really paying attention to us.

-Hello lover, I answered.

Without any warning, he dragged me to the bathroom. Luckily, the bathroom in Funky Buddha was really comfortable to get some- inappropriately with your boyfriend’s best friend. As much as we both moaned in pleasure, nobody heard our rough love-making.


Both still panting, we got out of the cabin and arranged our hair and clothes. I fixed his tie and he fixed my dress. We got out of the bathroom, heading different ways. Louis winked at me goodbye and I started searching for Harry. Suddenly, Zayn’s hands were on my shoulders turning me around to face him. He looked a bit worried so I asked what’s wrong.

-Oh…well…um…there’s someone… er… searching for you! Yeah, this way!

He pushed me around. I knew something was wrong and that nobody was searching for me, everyone was a stranger here.

-Zayn, I said looking in his eyes, let me go.

-No! I mean…um… fine… but, er, don’t go to Harry’s car.

My eyes shot up in surprise and Zayn threw his hand over his mouth realizing what he had just said. I started running towards the exit, pushing everyone away, and Zayn was running after me. He grabbed my dress and a loud ‘Scratch’ came to my ears. He ripped my dress.


I got out of the club and the cold air was making me shiver. I continued my jog to the car. Right when I got there, Zayn popped out of the building shouting ‘But Julie, you can’t’. My eyes swallowed up with tears at the sight of what was happening in the car.






Her legs around his body.


Shouts of my boyfriend's name.


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