It Really Is Complicated - A One Direction Fanfiction

Julie has finally found the right boy and is head over heels in love. But no matter how much she loves her boyfriend, their relationship gets pretty complicated. She cheats on him, with his best friend, because she can't help it. He has a drunken affair. In the band he's in, there's a guy who likes her. How much trouble could she go through? (14+)


8. Robin



I was silently eating my lunch when the new guy at uni came up to me. I guess nobody accepted him at their tables. And since Katy was missing that day, I let him sit down.

-Um… I’m sorry if you didn’t want anyone at your table, but it’s the only table left with an empty place.

-It’s okay, I reassured him, I’m Julie, I said putting out my hand. He shook it warmly and smiled.

-I’m Robin, nice to meet you. He started to eat quietly.


Robin made a good first impression on me. His short and black hair was common, as well as his brown eyes. Nothing special. But there was something about him however that made me want to become friends with him. He looked so kind and humble I just wanted to pinch his cheeks.


-What class have you got? I asked chewing my roast chicken. He looked up at me and  thought for a while.

-I think drama, he finally answered.

-Oh, that’s too bad… I’ve got English class. Okay, we’ve got thirty minutes left of break. Has anybody showed you around?

-No, Robin replied shyly.


We stood up and left our trays at the dishwasher’s counter. I showed him what I knew around the building and we got to know each other better. Surprisingly he didn’t ask if I had a boyfriend or not. It was just small talk. I found out new thing about him though. He had a twin sister that was going to Journalism University and who he was very close with. I also found out he moved to London from Australia but he was born here. His accent was British, though.


The bell rang and I went to English class. Robin was indeed a very nice guy that I was getting along with very nicely.


The hours flew by and my schedule finished. I rushed out eager to get back in my comfy dorm. As I was making my way through the crowd, I saw Harry’s car. I started walking towards it. Then I froze. About 5 car parks away, there was Louis’ car. I felt a lump in my throat and looked desperately for Harry and Louis in the crowd. I saw them sign some autographs.


-What on earth are you doing here? I heard Harry laugh. Got a secret girlfriend you gotta pick up? he teased poking Louis. Oh my God, did he know about me and him? I thought I told Louis that he shouldn’t come pick me up!

-No…Louis replied unsure, I…um… was going to drop off some stuff at the drama teacher.

-Oh, still not over it yet?



I was so embarrassed I couldn’t move. I felt a pat on my shoulder and I turned around. Phew! It was only Robin.

-Hey, how are you getting back to yours? he asked.

-Oh well… I was interrupted by the sound of Harry’s voice calling me. He left the fans and came towards me frowning his eyebrows.

Well my boyfriend was going to pick me up… I finally said feeling my cheeks getting hotter. But, no sign of jealousy or sadness on Robin’s face. Good! We both friend zoned each other.


I felt Harry’s strong arms around my waist and his soft lips behind my ear. I gently removed his hands; it was a bit weird to cuddle in front of Robin. Harry growled quietly in disagreement and looked intensely at Robin. Harry was so jealous of every boy around me, and he would always put his arms around me and kiss me right behind my ear every time just to show I was his.

I placed my hand on his shoulder, to let him know it was fine and I felt his muscles relax.


-Harry, darling, this is Robin. He is new here.

Robin put his hand out immediately with a grin on his face and Harry shook it hesitating.

-It’s nice to meet you, Harry! Robin said, It’s okay, I won’t steal your girlfriend. He winked and Harry was a bit surprised with his statement.

-Erm… okay… It’s nice to meet you too.

-Okay, well we should go, shouldn’t we Harry? I said as an awkward silence was about to replace the conversation. Harry nodded and I hugged Robin. I took Harry’s hand and we went to his car.


-What was that all about, Harold? I asked angirly.

-What was what about? he looked at me confused. I gave him a sharp look. What? He asked again.

-Harry, he’s just a friend. Nobody wants him around, but he’s a very nice guy, okay? Nothing will happen baby, I can tell you that. I grabbed his face kissing his lips.

-Okay, he mumbled satisfied in our kiss.

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