It Really Is Complicated - A One Direction Fanfiction

Julie has finally found the right boy and is head over heels in love. But no matter how much she loves her boyfriend, their relationship gets pretty complicated. She cheats on him, with his best friend, because she can't help it. He has a drunken affair. In the band he's in, there's a guy who likes her. How much trouble could she go through? (14+)


5. Louis' seen out

I heard the vibration of my phone as I barely opened my eyes. I stretched my hand towards the night table, and as soon as I grabbed my iPhone, another vibration shook my arm. There were two texts. One from Louis and one from Harry. I was used to Harry texting me in the morning, but Louis never did, so I was a bit surprised. I opened Louis’ first and it said ‘Good morning sweet cheeks! Visit me after classes, please? I’ve got something to tell you! :) xxxx’ I read it a few times, and wondered what it could’ve been.


I forgot to open Harry’s text as I realized I was about to be late for classes. I got dressed, stuffed my bag with my books and rushed out the door.


The sun was shining lazily as it rose. A light breeze was messing my hair and gave me chills. I imagined Harry’s strong arms around me who kept me warm when I was cold. The rusted leafs were crumbling as I stepped on them and the tall trees were losing them one by one.


As I drove to school, a traffic light stopped me. I was looking around when I suddenly saw a tall figure that I somehow recognized. He was holding a girl by the waist, and they entered a Starbucks.


Suddenly, it hit me. Louis met yet another girl and took a chance with her. It happened from time to time, that Lou went clubbing and met girls worth trying a relationship with. I did usually get jealous so he would tell the girl it wasn’t working, hug me, and tell me he was all mine. Which made me smile. The traffic light turned green and I heard some horns behind my car.


I was five minutes late as I entered my class. Yay, another friendless day in this very odd school. I was getting my books out when the old teacher suddenly shouted.

-Miss Ray, you’re late! May I know why?

-I’m so sorry, Mr.Mannick! The traffic was crazy this morning! I reply, as convincing as possible.

-Underground, miss! I forgive you this time, but next time you get an extra assignment.


Okay, first of all what?! I mean, an extra assignment just because I’m late. And then there’s those bitches who are talking and laughing about me. Like what did I do to be treated this way?!


My first class finishes and I check my phone. I finally remember Harry’s text: ‘I hope you have an amazing morning my love! I’ll pick you up after school! :) xx I Love You loads’ I smile as Chelsea, Laura and Linda walk by me, spreading the piercing scent of their perfume. I cough and head to my next class.


A nice girl sat next to me and introduces herself. Her name is Katy and she lived here, in London. We swapped phone numbers and hung out during the day.


Classes finally came to an end. I hugged Katy and started jogging towards a smiling Harry that caught me in his arms when I was about to trip. He pecked my lips and I entered the car. I looked out the window where I saw the ‘sassy group’ fangirling aside. Chelsea, Laura and Linda. Sometimes I forgot that Harry was famous and that I had a famous boyfriend. He banned me from magazines and twitter, saying nasty things will be written about me or him so I should stay away.


He drove me back to his flat where he offered me some lunch.

-Jul, love, would you like some chicken with potatoes? Cooked it myself! he smiled proudly as he showed me the yummy dish.

-Yep, I’m starving!

I collapsed on the couch turning the TV on. Live While We’re Young was playing on MTV and I started singing along. I heard Harry laugh as he brought the food. He set them down and as soon as he did I jumped on his back and gave me a piggyback ride jumping up and down and singing the song.


We ate and Louis called me. Harry gave me a curious look but I shook my head letting him know it’s nothing. I forgot how Louis asked me to visit him after classes, so I texted him and said ‘Lou I’m at Harry’s, don’t worry, I’ll cal you back when I get home xx’. I threw my arms around Harry’s neck because I felt guilty about me and Louis again. He rubbed my back as I whispered that I loved him in his ear. I could feel the happiness coming at the tip of his fingers as he kissed my temple and said ‘I love you more.’


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