It Really Is Complicated - A One Direction Fanfiction

Julie has finally found the right boy and is head over heels in love. But no matter how much she loves her boyfriend, their relationship gets pretty complicated. She cheats on him, with his best friend, because she can't help it. He has a drunken affair. In the band he's in, there's a guy who likes her. How much trouble could she go through? (14+)


9. 'I'm not like them'

Few weeks had passed and Robin and I grew closer and closer. I didn’t hang out with Katy so much anymore because she was part of the anti-Robin people – which was everyone except me. I never understood why they all avoided him. He gained my trust and I earned his, so we were like best friends, which was really cool.

What I really loved about him is that he would never ask about my private life with Harry but we did talk mainly about girly things. And I absolutely loved he was actually really interested in everything we talked about.


 Robin and I walked to a park near uni to watch the sunset together. Harry wasn’t going to come pick me up, because he was leaving on an UK & Ireland promo tour for their new book. He was going to be away for 2 weeks so Robin and I would have plenty of time to spend together. Yeah, I was going to miss him, but after him leaving for 3 months on his American tour, I got pretty used to it.


We sat down on a bench and started revising all the things that had happened that day. After a while, I laid down with my head on his lap, because the breeze was so chilly and the clouds forming on the sky gave the view such a tiring look. Robin started playing with my hair which gave me goosebumps because it felt so good.


An awkward silence was digging its way into our conversation. Robin was now silent and obviously concerned by something I didn’t know.

-What’s up? I asked looking at his sad eyes.

-Well I’ve been meaning to tell you earlier… but um, I was afraid you would just stay away from me like the others… Julie, I…


In a fraction of second so many thoughts came through my mind. What if he liked me? Harry would get so jealous and protective, he might even ban me from seeing him. What if, he was some kind of criminal or something. But then I figured, he was just a weird kid, that everyone made fun of, not the guy everyone’s afraid of. I had no idea what could come out of his mouth. So I just stared at him, scared, confused, and curious.

He suddenly dropped his hands in his lap pulling my hair a little as it was still tangled between his fingers. He quickly sighed.

-I’m gay, Julie.

I got up instinctively, not because I was disgusted by him or afraid, but I was in complete shock.  He got up, looking down and started walking towards the park exit.

-Turn around. I ordered.

He did and I grabbed his soft chin between my index and my thumb.

-Look at me, you stupid little kid. The fact that you’re gay doesn’t change anything yeah? I’ll still be the Julie you know, and you’ll still be the Robin I know. I’m not like them. I hugged him tight and I felt his muscles relax in my arms.

-Thank you, he whispered in my ear.


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