It Really Is Complicated - A One Direction Fanfiction

Julie has finally found the right boy and is head over heels in love. But no matter how much she loves her boyfriend, their relationship gets pretty complicated. She cheats on him, with his best friend, because she can't help it. He has a drunken affair. In the band he's in, there's a guy who likes her. How much trouble could she go through? (14+)


3. He wants 'us' to be forever


8 months after I met him, our relationship was becoming troubled. We were fighting over everything and anything: he wouldn’t let me do my college assignments, I wouldn’t go out with him every single night, and he would party with other girls and well… I was hiding things from him. Really important things.


We decided to forget our arguments and Harry was taking me out to dinner. As always, he chose a fancy restaurant where he would reserve a table for two, and a candlelit dinner.


I heard the horn of his car and grabbed my purse and my keys. He was smiling as I stepped out of the campus and got into his car.

-I love your dress, Julie… You look great!

He was always complimenting me, but after a while, I got used to it and it never made me feel so special anymore.

-Thanks, I said, as I gently pecked his lips, can’t wait for our dinner!


We were silent during the car ride. I didn’t want us to get in another fight before we got to the restaurant. Harry was concentrated on the road and I could see a different expression on his face than his usual one: a happy grin and glimmering eyes.


-Are you okay? I asked, placing softly my hand on his strong arm.

-Not really… Um, how about we go for a walk in the park instead of dinner? I’m not hungry anyway.


I nodded, happy that I didn’t have to stuff myself with refined dishes. My feet were going to kill me because of the high heels I was wearing, but for Harry it was worth it.


We stopped near a desert park and we got out and started walking. I grabbed his hand, inter-wining his fingers with mine.


-So, tell me what’s wrong. I whispered, looking at his perfect profile.

-Well… He stopped, grabbing with one hand my waist and the other one my face. He placed his hot lips upon mine, and kissed me with so much passion and love, I could feel it pumping through my veins. I missed that feeling. My hand was resting on his chest, so I could feel his heartbeat getting faster and faster. When he finally pulled away, he looked into my eyes and continued.

-Julie, I just love you so much… And every time we fight I’m afraid one day you might get sick of it and leave me and I don’t want you to. I love you.


I hugged him, and stood there in his arms for what seemed like forever.


Suddenly, a flashback struck through my mind. My first kiss with Louis, Harry’s best friend. Tears started to gather in my eyes. Why was I doing this to Harry? He loved me so much, and this is what I would repay him with. But Louis was just so funny and spontaneous. But Harry was my boyfriend and I loved him.


I felt a tear on my cheek. I let it drop on Harry’s blazer, as I knew he wouldn’t feel it.


Harry pulled away, giving me one more sweet kiss, and started searching for something in his pocket. It was a little violet box. He opened it, to reveal a beautiful ring, with an emerald on it. He showed me that in the interior of the ring, the word ‘Forever’ was written. He placed it on my finger and we walked back to Harry’s car.


He drove back to his house, where I decided I would stay the night.


I fell asleep listening to his heartbeat, still a little moved of what had happened today. He wanted ‘us’ to be forever. 

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