It Really Is Complicated - A One Direction Fanfiction

Julie has finally found the right boy and is head over heels in love. But no matter how much she loves her boyfriend, their relationship gets pretty complicated. She cheats on him, with his best friend, because she can't help it. He has a drunken affair. In the band he's in, there's a guy who likes her. How much trouble could she go through? (14+)


14. Going to Canada

-Louis' not flying with us... He's got the last day of the boyband week and no one's up to waiting for him, Harry said.

-Um, about that. I actually got this job interview tomorrow, so I guess I'm up to waiting for him...

That was a complete and awful lie. The fact is, Louis had told me that he was flying after the other boys, so I decided I should join him. I had no job interview, all I had was Louis and a bit of alone-time with him.

-Oh, that's nice... Well then, you'll discuss that with him, right?

-Yeah, I guess so. He got up and went to the kitchen.

-I'm making tea, you want some?

-Why not, I replied absent-mindlessly.


The next day, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Robin, Perrie and Danielle were flying to Canada. After they got through the security control and out of our sight, Louis brushed his hand with mine, glancing at me. But we both knew we had to wait until we got back to his or my home. The taxi dropped us at his place, after all.

-48 hours where you're all mine! he exclaimed grinning.

-You're not even feeling guilty? I asked back, laughing.

-Nope! and with that, he lifted me bridal-style and into his bedroom.

A marvelous day had passed, and it was our turn to get on a flight to Canada. We had no bodyguards, which made me a little nervous, but Louis made sure we were both safe. We landed, and as soon as we did I called Harry.

-Hey babe, you ok?

-Yeah, we just landed. So I wanted to ask you how we're going to get there? I mean, did you send Paul to pick us up or something?

-Um, about that... Can you put Louis on the phone please?

-Sure, I guess... I gave the phone to Louis mouthing 'Harry'. He cleared his throat and took the phone out of my hands.

-Hi, mate. What's up? What?! But I don't... Well, that makes sense. Yeah but how will I...? Ok. I trust you. But if we'll die it's because of you. He hung up and handed me the phone.

-So...? I asked.

-He's making me Justin's a left-wheeled car. he sighed, showing his frustration. I just looked at him and said in a non-joking way:

-We're going to die.

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