***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


22. Simmy and Niall


You are sitting alone in your flat watching a really sad movie and you were crying during the whole movie so your eyes are red and puffy. Suddenly you hear a knock on the door so you whipe away the tears and open the door to see your boyfriend Niall standing infront of you. ,, Hey Niall" you say with a happy smile and he smiles back ,, Hey Beautiful... but wait what happened?" he asks worriedly. You giggle ,, I just watched a movie and it was so sad" .  He looked relieved and leant down to kiss you sweetly. You pull back when you realize that you were both still standing outside. ,, Do you want to come in?" you ask. ,, Well no thanks I acctualy came to ask you if you wanted to go out today" he answeres with a huge smile. ,, Yeah I´d love to just give me 10 minutes to get ready." you said and ran up the stairs to your room. You changed in a cute pink dress and slipped in your black flats, then you washed the dried tears away with cold water and put some mascara on. You grabbed  your purse and walked back to Niall who was now sitting on your couch. ,, Lets go?" he ask and held out his hand for you to hold it. You entwined your hands and he led you out to his car. The drive was silent but in a good way.

***30 minutes later ***

,, We are here" Niall said and squeezed your hand slightly. He opened your door and you looked around just to realize that you were at the harbour, but at the part where all the expencive yachts were. ,, Niall what are we doing here?" you ask. ,, You´ll see beautiful just wait a few minutes" he says and smiles. It was getting darker and you started to get cold. Niall noticed that you were shivering so he slipped out of his Jacket and put it over your shoulders. You just smiled at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips. You continued walking until you reached a yacht which had candles all over the deck. ,, Here we are" he smiled. You were still staring at the yacht not believing that he did this for you. He led you on board of the boat and greeted the man who was obviously the captain. There was a taple set up for two and you and Niall had a great evening. ,,  I have to ask you something and I guess this should be the right moment. Simmy I love you more then anything in this entire world, every time I see you it makes me feel so happy and proud at the same time because I know that I can call you mine and I want to call you mine forever so..." he maid a long pause at that point and got down on one knee. You just look at him because you were still not sure if this was only a dream. ,, ... Simmy (y/l/n) ... will you marry me?" he asks and pulls out a beautiful ring. Now the tears stream down your face and you jump up and kiss him. ,, Yes Niall a million times YES!!"

A/N: I hope you like it :)

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