***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


8. Selena and Harry


You are now dating Harry since exactly one year. He told you to get ready to go out and that he would pick you up at around 7pm. You were just watching TV the whole day because you had nothing to do. At around 5pm you started to get ready. You decide to put a red light summer dress on because it is really hot. You have a quick shower and after that you get dressed. You finish youre outfit with some cute red heels and then you curl youre hair and put just a little make-up on. You look in youre mirror and are quiet happy with youre look. Ten minutes untill 7pm so you are just waiting in the living room. At about 7.05 pm the black range rover drives up the street and you start to get really exited. Harry rings the doorbell and you quickly open it and jump in his arms. He kisses you and leads you to his car. ,, Harry , you didn't tell me where we're going?!" ,, yes I know. Never heard about the word SURPRISE???" you giggle and 'WMYB' comes up in the radio. Both of you sing along and you are really exited. As the song finishes , Harry pulls up to a little beach you have never seen before. It is really small but beautiful. There is a big heart of candles with a round table in the middle. He leads you to one of the chairs and you don't bring out a word because it's so amazing. He giggles at you're reaction and you blush. Both of you eat in silence, but not in a bad silence, you are just enjoing the moment. As you are finished with eating Harry takes you for a walk. ,, You know Selena there is a reason why I did all of this for you..." you smile at him and he smiles back. He looks you deep in the eyes and gets down on his knee. ,, Selena ...I love you, I really do! You are my everything and I want you to be mine.. forever. So would you do the the favour and be my fute Mrs. Styles?" he takes out a beautiful ring as he says that and you nearly scream a 'YES' . He smiles and puts the ring on your finger. You start to cry because you are so happy and harry kisses you.

A/N: I know that the english is really bad this time but I'm sooooo tired:) So I'm sorry if it's not good but please tell me if you like it or not :)
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