***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


4. Maaike and Niall

You are at the flat of your boyrfiend Niall Horan. You are cuddled up to him on his couch and he is stroking your hair. Both of you are watching an Interview of him. The Interviewer asks him: ,, So how is Maaike doing?" ,,She is great" Niall answeres and is smiling because of the next question - probably because of the answere...- ,, So I think everyone in here want´s to know.... how do you feel about her do you really love her or is she JUST a girl you ,,Like,, " ,, Well you know... I love her with all my heart she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world. She is just amazing and I am so happy to have her and call her ,,my girl,, ."  The whole crowd makes and Owwwww noise and Niall ( in the TV ) is smiling. You blush and look up at him ,, Do you mean it?" you ask because you are scared that he just said that, that the whole world thinks he is nice. ,, Yes babe, I mean every word I said" he blushes to and kisses you sweetly. ,,I love you too Niall, with all my heart"

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