***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


13. Louis y/n



You are laying in hospital. Your eyes are closed and the only thing you can remember is the accident. The lights of a car, the pain and the screams all around you..... then everything went black.

By now you can still recognize the voices of the people around you. You hear Louis talking and in his vioce you can also hear that he is crying. All the memories with him and the boys come back and you feel how it gets harder for you to open your eyes with each second. Then all the meories are gone and you don´t know anything anymore. Now everything around you is White nothing else but White. The last thing you hear is a loudd BEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP..... !

Louis POV:

BEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP....... I looked at her.... The coloure in her face slowly faded away and now I knew that she is gone forever. I stormed out of the hospital and drove home. All the boys came to my flat after a few minutes, but I didn´t want to see them. I didn´t want to see anyone.

,, I´m so sorry mate!!!" Zayn said while Liam rubbed my back to comfort me. ,, Please ... just leave, I need to be alone." I said and they all went back to harry´s Flat.

3 Months have passed since (y/n) died. I didn´t really talk much anymore and we also canceled the Tour. Today was a bad day because all the memories came back and I started to cry so I decided to watch TV because I don´t want to sit in my room all day long and just cry.

As I turned the TV on my phone started to ring. It was Harry ,, Hello??" I asked ,, Hey mate , you have to come to the hospital NOW don´t ask anything just do it!!!" I was surprised but just said ,, Fine but I won´t stay long" I grabbed my phone and a jacket and drove off to the Hospital. As I walked in , Liam , Harry, Zayn and Niall looked at me with happy faces. ,, What´s wrong with you guys , you know that I don´t like to be here since...." I couldn´t say it or else I would start to cry right here. ,, Just follow us" they said and walked to the room 145. I followed them and they didn´t stop to smile. As we reached the room a nurse came and told me to follow her in the room. I did as I was told and followed her. I couldn´t belive who was ALIVE in the room. (y/n) she is alive. ,, (y/n)?? Is that really you?" I asked her and she looked at me. ,, Who is (y/n)?? And who are you?" No, she can´t remember anything??

(y/n) POV:

,, She is coming back, SHE IS COMING BACK!!!" people yelled around me as it got easier for me to open my eyes. I opened them but quickly closed them again because of the light. Then I opened them again and saw many people around me. I thought I was dreaming because I thought I was dead. But do I know this people? Then a women came and said ,, Hey Darlin`, you woke up again! How do you feel?"

,, I´m fine, I think" she smiled and then 4 boys walked in the room. ,, (y/n) you woke up again!" ,, Yes, but who are you?" I asked the blond boy. ,, We are your best friends. Don´t you remember us?" ,, I´m not sure... I can remember a group of boys but I think they were 5 not 4." ,, Woow that´s great because normaly we are 5. Louis is not here, he is your boyfriend. I will call him and tell him to come maybe you will remember him" the boy with the curly hair said. ,, Ok" I answered. About a half an houre later the boys came back in but this time with another boy, but I couldn´t remember him.

,, (y/n)?? Is that really you?" he asked me ,, Who is (y/n)?? And who are you?" I asked back but then the some memories came back ( don´t ask me how ). ,, Wait .... Louis, Liam, Harry, Niall , Zayn and... and One Direction... right?" ,, Yes YES she remembers" they all scream and hugg me. All the memories about the boys came back and they spend the rest of the day showing me things that could bring back my whole memories and it worked. :))


A/N: This is not so good and it has many mistakes ( I think ) so I´m sorry but I hope you liked it.

I also wanted to ask if anyone has any Ideas for Dream Run*-*??? You write a comment, I´m Happy about every Idea :)

Thanks guys xxx


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