***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


6. Laue and Harry


You are a dish-washer in the best restaurent in town.
You are just about to clean another plate as you hear a loud ,, Shit!" coming out of the room next to the kitchen (which is acctually the VIP room). After a few minutes the door opens and a cute boy walks in. You look at him and soon recognize who it is. Harry Styles!!!! ,, Hey excuse me do you have something to clean my shirt, I dropped my coke" he says and you hand him a wet towel as you say ,, Yeah sure try it with this I hope it works". He starts to rubb the coke out of his shirt but it is not working. You giggle a little because he is looking funny with coke all over him. He looks at you and smiles ,, That's not funny :) But anyway what are you doing in here a beautiful girl like you should go outside and show her beautiful face to the world!" you blush and he smiles.
,, Well I have to earn some money otherwise I won't have any money to buy food" now his smile is gone ,, What about you're parents? Can't they give you a bit money?" he asks and you feel a tear roll down your cheek. ,, They died 1 year ago in a car accident" he whipes you're tear away. You smile at him because you don't want him to feel bad. ,, Listen I only know you for about 10 minutes but you are really nice so how about you come on tour with us? You would have food a bed and you won't have to work! Ohh... do you acctually know about one direction?" ,, Yes I love you're music and you guys are just amazing but I can't go with you I don't want to bother anyone!" he looks sad ,, You are not bothering anybody okay?" ,, Are you sure Harry?" ,, Yes I'm sure love! And as I heard you allready know my name but could I know what you're name is?" he smiles ,, Oh yes sorry my name is Laue" you smile back. Later that night you met the other lads and 1 week later you are on tour with one direction. There is just one bad thing , you had to give up you're job because of the tour thing but you wanted to quit anyway and you will probably live with Harry after the tour because after the first 3 Days of the tour you started dating Harry.

A/N: I'm sorry that was not my best one because it's late and I'm tired but I hope you still like it. :)xxx
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