***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


25. Kayla and Niall


Niall´s POV:

Today was the 4th week of the tmh tour and I want to surprise my Girlfriend Kayla. She couldn´t come with me because she had to finish her high school graduation but we talked every evening on skype and texted all the time. Oh god I miss her so much but today I will see her again! I told Paul to get her during school and  I organized the other stuff...

Your POV:

You were sitting in your last class for the day and listened to your maths teacher talking about all this really boring stuff. Everyone was looking at you during the whole day. Something was different today but what? Suddenly there was a knock on the door but you didn´t bother to look up until you heard a familair voice. ,, Hello could I take Kayla out for a while please? I think you know why Mr. ( Y/T/N)" you nearly screamed when you looked up. ,, PAUL". You ran over to him and hugged him tight. Paul was like a seconde father to you! Everyone was smiling at you and Paul. ,, Yes of course " your teacher said and shook Paul´s hand. You grabbed your bag and followed Paul out of your school building.

1 hour later

You were still sitting in Paul´s car and talked until you realized that you didn´t even knew where he was driving.  ,, Ok I am happy to see you again but please tell me where are we actually going?" you asked. He just smiled and told you that it is a surprise and that he is not allowed to tell you. You drove for another hour but suddenly Paul pulled over on a little car park. ,, What are you doing?" you asked as he got out of the car and walked over to your side. ,, I´m going to blindfold you Kayla. I´m sorry I would really like to tell you the surprise but I´m not allowed and YOU are not allowed to see where we are going" you just  nodded in exitement. You trusted Paul so you allowed him to put the blindfold over your eyes. He closed your door and walked over to his side. You drove off and talked for a few minutes until Paul told you that you´ve arrived. He helped you out of the car and lead you through wherever you were. You heard mayn people around you but you couldn´t see them- obviously. Paul told you to sit down and wait. You waited for what seemed like hours. ,, This must be a huuuuge room" you thought to yourself beause everytime someone said something you heard a really loud and long echo. After a while the sound of voices got louder and louder- but most of them sounded like teenage girls. No... no this can´t be. You started to recognize your surrounding. It took a few minutes until everyone in the room started to scream and the music of LWWY started to play. You couldn´t see anything but you knew exactly where you were. ,, Kayla please stand up I have to bring you somewhere else." Paul said from behind you. He lead you around and you just smiled like a fool. ,, Ok we are here. I will take off your blindfold now but I guess you already know where we are" he said and you jst giggled and nodded. You felt cold air on your eyes as he took of the blindfold and you had to adjust to the light but as soon as you saw everything clearly you nearly started to cry. Of course you were right and you stood backstage of a huge arena. You were at a concert of the boys. Paul told you to sit on a chair which was directly under the stage. The chair stood on a kind of a little lift which allowed the boys to come on the stage without  taking the stairs. ( A/N: I hope you know what I mean its kinda hard to explain :D ) You sat down on the chair and waited for something to happen. The boys just finished ,,Change my Mind,, . It felt so good to hear their voice, especially Niall of course. Your heart nearly stopped  when you heard Niall´s voice through the speakers. ,, Guys I guess everyone in here knows my gorgeous girlfriend Kayla-" he stopped for a seconde and everyone in the arena started to scream. ,,- well I haven´t seen ´her since the begining of the tour and I miss her really much AND I wanted to ask her something before we left but it didn´t work. We, the boys and I decided to surprise her today so everyone please welcome my lovely girlfriend Kayla." ,, - and my carrot princess" louis added. The crowd went wild and the lift under you started to move really  slow. Your heart raced like never before and you just closed your eyes. The sound of the screams got louder as soon as the lift stopped and you sat there on the chair in middle of the stage. You looked around and jumped up as soon as you saw Niall. He ran up to you and hugged you tight. You pulled away and gave him a kiss. Then you hugged each of the boys and waved to the crowd. You felt so happy but you nearly fainted when you turned back around to find Niall on one knee. Little Things started to play in the background and the rest of the boys started to sing along.You just looked at Niall in shock . ,, Kayla I brought you here for a speciall reason. Everyone in here knows that I love you more than anything and I want you to stay with me forever. I want you to be a huge part of our family, which includes the rest of the boys, me and the fans. You are gorgeous and I fell in love with you the second I saw you the first time. I could talk for hours but I´ll get to the point now. Kayla (Y/L/N) will you marry me?" he asked and blushed a little. You gasped and just nodded rapidly. ,, Yes Niall" you whispered in his ear as you hugged him tight. All the boys started to cheer and jumped around on the stage and the crowd was as loud as you have never EVER heard them before.


A/N: I´m really sorry that it took so long but I just didn´t know what to write but thats why I made it a little bit longer. I hope this is good and that you like it :) alyssa xx

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