***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


18. Emily and Harry


You got a great new job offer in Australia but you are not sure if you should accept it or not because if you leave it would mean that you would also leave your boyfriend Harry. He told you to accept it and that he would visit you as much as he can so you start to pack. While you pack you find a beautiful picture of you and Harry. You start to cry because you know that you won´t see him for a long time. ,, Emily?" you hear Harry behind you. You jump up ,run over to him and hug him tight. You cry even harder when you realize that he is crying to. ,, I love you Harry I don´t want to go" ,, I love you too but I´ll see you soon babe" he whisperes and whipes your tears away with his finger. The next day ....

Harry is driving you to the airport and when you reach the area where Harry isn´t allowed anymore you start to cry again. He hugs you and gives you one last kiss before you won´t see eachother for a long time. You say good bye one last time and walk through the gates. ,, I love you so much Emily" Harry screams after you and you turn around one last time to see his beautiful face and yell ,, I love you to Harry".

When you arrive in Australia many hours later you get a cab and drive to your apartment. When you pull your keys out to unlock the door you realize that the door is already open. You put your suitcase on the ground and walk in every single room but no one is there. ,, Now theres only one room left" you say to yourself and open the door to the living room. You freeze when you find Harry sitting on a little chair surrounded with red roses on the floor. ,, It´s good to have a privat jet and I knew from the begining that I can´t live without you" he says and smiles. He walks over to you and hugs you just like you hugged him the day before you had to say good bye. ,, Harry I love you so much thank you" ,, I love you to babe and the best thing is I don´t have to go back for a whole year because we have a year brake before the next tour starts and your employer said that you have to stay one year in australia before you can go back to london and work there so we can just live our life like before.

A/N: Hope you like it :)


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