***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


24. Dakota and Niall


You´ve bin living with your mum since you were little because your parents got divorced when you were 2 years old but your mum died in an car accident 3 weeks ago so you had to move in with your dad. You don´t really like him he is overprotective and sometimes really mean but the biggest problem is that he hates your boyfriend Niall. He is your boyfriend since 5 years now and you love eachother more than enything in the world. Yesterday your dad called him and told him that he is not allowed to contact you ever again or something bad is going to happend to him. You haven´t talked with your dad since that call because you were really mad. You just sat on your bed the whole day, crying and thinking about all the memories with Niall.  He was your everything and you knew that you could never life without him. You were sitting on your bed dreaming about the good times when someone knocked on your door. Your dad came in and told you that he is going to stay the night at a friends house and that he´s not going to be back until tomorrow evening. You didn´t react or response at all you just turned your back to him. It was good that your dad trusted you enough so you knew that he wouldn´t  lock the door. Soon the door was closed again and since you didn´t know what to do you decided to take a nap. You fell asleep and dreamed about Niall when suddenly you heard a knock on your window. You looked at your clock and saw that you´ve been sleeping for 3 hours so it was dark outside by now. You slowly made your way over to the window because you were a little bit scared but you opened it anyways. ,, Hello?"you asked as you grabbed a flashlight from your table. ,, Dakota?" someone asked. You turned the flashlight on. ,, Yes?" you asked back. ,,I´m here in the backyard princess" the person said and you suddenly recognized the voice. ,, Niall?" you asked as you searched him in the dark. Your heart nearly stopped when you saw him standing there directly under your window with a rose in his hand. You smiled down at him even though he could probably barely see you. ,, Come down Princess but bring a jacket and a few fresh clothes with you" he whispered up to you. You  quickly grabbed a bag and put a fresh jeans , a t-shirt and a sweater in it. Then you slipped in your sneakers and grabbed your jacket and your mobile. You ran down the stairs , through the door and directly in your backyard. Niall was still in the same spot. You hugged him tight and kissed him sweetly. ,, Babe please come with me I´ve got train tickets to London and my friend is on a holiday in Germany so we can stay there until he is back. Your 18th birthday is in 3 weeks so after that your dad can´t take you back. As soon as you´re 18 we can search a flat in London or wherever you want because then your offically and adult so he can´t tell you what to do anymore. Please come with me I can´t imagine my life without you!!"  Niall said and looked you deep in the eyes. A tear escaped your eye but it was a tear of joy. ,, Of course I´ll come with you Niall but what if my dad finds me before my birthday?" you were happy but also scared that your dad would hurt Niall. ,, He won´t find you princess I promise I´ll fight for you"

A/N: well yeah I´ll leave the rest for your imagineation :) I hope you like it idk if its good or not because I have a massive writer block at the moment but I promised to write it so yeah here it is :)

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