***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


29. caitlyn and Louis


,, Oh no I have to go in 30 minutes" you whispered as you finished to curl your hair. You were getting ready for your first double date and your friend Victoria is going to pick you up in a half an hour. You applied some mascara and added some final touches. You glanced in your mirror and were quite happy with your look.  ,, Caitlyn, Victoria is here" you mum called from downstairs.  Wow she was early but you were finished anyways. You grabbed your mobile and a jacket and walked down the stairs.,,Ready?" she asked as you hugged her. ,, Yes!!" you said happily. ,, Bye mum" you yelled as you followed Victoria to her car. She answered but you couldn´t hear her anymore. You drove to this really nice italian restaurent where you were going to meet the boys. You were exited because it was your first double date. Any other girl would have been more exited about WHO your date is. Louis... Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! You really liked him since your childhood( you were neighbours) but you didn´t care about him being famous or anything. Victoria´s date was a nice guy from school. When you got there, the boys already sat on a table in the corner of the restaurent. You and Victoria greeted the boys with a hug and you sat down next to Louis. You started to chat about random things but when you glanced over to Victoria , she looked really annoyed. ,, Ermm.. Caitlyn could you come with me for a seconde?" she asked. ,, Yeah sure" you said and got up from your seat. You followed her in the bathroom. ,, Victoria whats wrong?" ,, Well I don´t know how to tell you but I just came here with you because you asked me to. Zac is a total looser and I want to go home Caitlyn! I´m sorry but could we please go home? We could just ditch them and leave without telling them" she said. ,, But I really like Louis he´s a nice guy" you said but she begged you to come with her. ,, Ok" you whispered with your head down. She pulled you out of the restaurent and you thought that the boys didn´t see you but when you glanced back to the table, you saw Louis looking at you with a sad face. Victoria started to run when she noticed that he saw you. You were really upset because you didn´t want the date to end so soon. Louis was a really nice guy. You ran after her and told her to stop. ,, Victoria they won´t follow us so please walk slower". She just nodded and started to walk next to you. You had a conversation about the date when you heard heavy footsteps behind you. You turned around and saw Louis running in your direction. ,, Lets go" Victoria yelled and pulled you with her as she started to run again. ,, I think he´s angry because we just left so we better keep on running" she yelled as you ran next to her. You ran down the street when you accidentally tripped and fell. Victoria didn´t even notice that you weren´t next to her anymore because she just kept on running.  Louis was still running behind you guys but when he saw that you fell, he stopped and walked over to you. ,, Are you ok?" he asked and you just nodded. ,, Louis listen I´m so sorry I really didn´t want to leave" you said but he just smiled. ,, Actually I was just running after you because I wanted to give you your purse back" he said and laughed while he gave you your purse, you forgot when you went. You were really embarrassed and started to laugh as well. ,, Oh hahaha I´m sorry we thought you were angry because we just left so we ran" you laughed. ,, Thats ok but why did you leave?" he asked. ,, To be honest I really didn´t want to leave but Victoria doesn´t really like Zac and she begged me to come with her so I said yes, I´m sorry Louis" I said a little ashamed. ,, Its ok Love I understand" he said and smiled. ,, But where´s victoria?" you asked. ,, She didn´t see that you fell I guess so she just kept on running! I think I really scared her... am I really that scary?" he asked as a joke. You realized that you still sat on the ground so he hepled you to get up and brought you home. ,, Hey do you want to come in? My parents went out for dinner and since our first date didn´t really work we could try it again?" You asked when you reached your house. ,, I´d love to !" he said and smiled. You watched a movie together and had a lot of fun. During the evening , Victoria texted you and apologized  about 1000 times becasue she just kept on running and because she ruined the date and everything. You just laughed and told her that its ok and that you would bring her, her purse tomorrow. That night Louis asked you to be his girlfriend and of course you said yes. He loved how you didn´t really care about him being famouse and that you loved him for being himself.


AN:  hey I hope you like this :) BUUUUUT this was not my idea it was an idea of my friend Bethany I just wrote it :) If you liked this and want to tell her then here´s her twitter name : @Bessie909 and her movella name is :Bethany´M

Soooo yeah I really hope you like it :) Xxx

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