***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


2. Ally and Liam


It is youre birthday , you wake up and get out of the bed you share with your boyfriend Liam. You look around in your room but Liam is not there. You get dressed and slowly walk down the stairs.
,,Maybe Liam is in the kitchen''' you think as you walk in the kitchen. He is not there! ,, Liam?" you say..no answer... ,,LIAM?" you start to scream -because now you start to get worried- still
no answer. You decide to call him on his mobile ... ,, Hello?" ,,Liam where are you?!" ,, Oh sorry babe I can't tell you but I am going to be home in about an houre, ok?" ,, Uhh.. Okay.. by" ,,By babe, oh and Happy Birthday love" ,,Ohh yeah thank you okay so see you later by" you put down your phone and decide to watch TV 'till Liam is coming - you are a bit sad because he is not there-.

You hear the doorbell .. DING DONG.. you stand up and wolk to your door. ,, Why didn't he bring his keys with him?" you think and open the door . You can't find anyone behind the door but you see a little paper laying on the ground with a stone on it -maybe that it won't fly away-.You pic the paper up and read it. ,, Go and meet me where I asked you to be my girlfriend. You will find me don't worry -Liam" . The park he is talking about is near your house so you just pic up your keys, purse and a jacket (because you are only wearing a white summer-dress and it might get cold). You start to walk down the street all the way down to the park. There is a path of red roses which is going all the way down to the other side of the park. You decide to follow it because Liam wrote that you would find him so maybe this is a way to find him?! You walk and walk for about 10 minutes as you feel a pair of strong arms around your waist. You know it is Liam because you recognise his voice as he says ,, Hey love follow me" you turn around and see Liam standing in front of you with a huge smile on his face. You smile back and before he starts to walk he picks you up sings Happy Birthday and kisses you. Then he starts to walk down a little path that nobody would ever find. As he stops you gasp because there is a helicopter in front of you. Liam helps you to climb inside and follows you. Both of you sit down and the helicopter is getting up from the ground. After about 10 minutes Liam tells you to look out of the window on your left. You see a big 'Happy Birthday' written with red roses on a big field then he tells you to look out of the window to your right. You turn around and look out of the window, on the other side of the field is written 'Will you please marry me Ally' it is also written with red roses. Tears of joy roll down your cheek and you turn around to find Liam with a black box in front of you he is half on his knee because the sit of the helicopter is in his way in the box is the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. ,,Ally I love you with all my heart you are always there when I need help and you are just the best that has ever happened to me !! So would you pleas marry me?" ,, Yes , yes,yea, yes 1000 times yes" he smiles puts the ring on your finger and kisses you. As you both get home there is a big party for your birthday with your 4 best friends Niall Louis Zayn and Harry. You are having a great time and gall asleep in the arms of your future husband.

A/N : I hope you like it :)
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