***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


19. Alley and Niall


You are sitting on a big round table at nandos,shovelling in your food. Suddennly you hear loud screams from outside so you turn around and look out of the big Glass door. Why are there are soo many screaming and crying girls? you ask yourself. You shrug it off and continue eating. ,, Hey babe" someone says behind you. You turn around only to find Niall Horan and the rest of the one direction boys standing behind you. ,,Oh ehm... are you talking to me?" you ask stupidly because you still can´t belive this. ,, Haha yes of course beautiful" Niall laughs and you blush. ,, Do you mind if we sit down with you?" Niall asks. ,, No not at all " you say still blushing. You try to cover your red face with your hair but its not really working. They all sit down and start to eat their food. ,,Whats your name love?" Louis asks. ,, I´m Alley" you say and smile at all of them but especially at Niall but he doesn´t notice.,, So do you like One direction?" Liam asks with a huge smile. ,, OMG yes you guys are amazing!!" you answere and they all laugh at your reaction. ,, Sooo who is your favourite?" Harry asks still laughing. ,, Ehm.. I don´t know..." you say but quickly glance at Niall and blush again. Louis noticed it and winks at you and looks at Niall. He then taps Harry on the shoulder and whisperes something in his ear. Harry looks at you and smiles and when Niall isn´t looking he does a heart shape with his hand. ,, Stop it" you mouth in their direction. They laugh out loud and you giggle. Niall looks at them with a strange look. ,, So do you want to come with us we wanted to do a little pool party at Niall´s apartment. Actually just the 5 of us but we wouldn´t mind if you would come would we?" Louis says/asks the boys. They all agree. ,, Yeah ehm sure if you guys don´t mind but I have to get my swim suit (bikini)" you say. ,, Thats no problem I´ll drive you" Niall says. Harry cleares his throat and laughs again. ,, yeah ehm ok sure if you don´t mind" you say . You all pay your food and everyone except for Niall and you drive to Niall apartment. Niall and you get in his car and you lead him to your flat. When you arrive, you quickly run up to your flat nd pack your stuff. You get back in the car and Niall starts to drive. Suddenly he drives on a little parking space. ,, Niall what are you doing?" you ask. ,, Alley I hope this won´t sound stupid but I have to ask you something" he says and ... AND BLUSHES? Why is he blushing? ,, Yeah sure just ask me" you say still confused. ,, Ok so I know that we just met today and ehm... ok to be honest I think you are the most beautiful gir I ever met and you are just amazing and I wanted to ask you if you would be my girlfriend" he says and his face is now as red as a tomato. ,, Haha Niall are you serious? Of course !!!!" you say and giggle. ,, Really?" he asks with a huge smile and you just nodd happily. This night you have a great time with the boys and yeah thats how areally long time with Niall started :))

A/N: hope you like it :)

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