***One Direction imagines***

Hey Guys :) I am going to make some imagines of the band one direction
( Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam) please comment with your name and which member. I hope you like them !!


28. Alexis and Niall


Today was going to be the best day of your life because tonight you are going to go to the One direction conzert in your town. You are so exited and jump around your room during the day, but then its time to get ready. You got in the shower and when you got out you wrapped a pink fluffy towel around your wet body to dry yourself. When you got out of your bathroom you walked directly over to your closet and got out the outfit you wanted to wear tonight (of course a 1D shirt). YOu dried your hair and curled it , then you aplied some make up. You added a few final touches and walked over to your mirror. Everyone else would say that you looked flawless but you were really insecure so you still thought that you were ugly. ( You were totaly not ugly at all).
,, Honey you have to leave soon" your dad called from the living room. You took a glance at your watch. ,, Oh no I should really leave, I´m late" you whispered to yourself and sliped in your white converse. ,, I´ll see you later " you yelled over to your family while you grabbed your car keys and a jacket and ran out the front door and over to your car. You drove for an hour untill you reached the arena. You parked the car and walked over to a huge group of screaming fans and as soon as you reached them you started to scream too. You didn´t even know what was happening to you but beeing surrounded by so many girls who spend their days just like you ( fangirling etc. ) got you even more exited and everyone else was screaming too so you just kept on screaming and jumping around. Then suddenly Paul walked out of an small entrance and all the girls turned over to him and started to scream even more but Paul told them to be quiet if you ( and all the other girls) want the boys to come out. Suddenly it was ,,quiet" of course there were a few girls who where still screaming but it was way more quiet then before. ( well I think that sentence doesn´t really make sense xd ) Wow normaly they never come out but we were lucky today. Suddenly, the door where Paul walked out before , opened again and Harry steped out, followed by the rest of the boys. You were one of the first girls who saw them because the rest was still focused on Paul. Those 5 boys totaly changed your life and now they stood directly in front of you. The only thing betwenn you and them was a gate.  You started to scream and when the rest of the girls saw them they started to scream too. ( wow a lot of screaming :D) The boys took pictures with a few fans and signed stuff. When Niall walked pass you and the girls around you, you yelled ,, Niall , could I please have a picture with you?". You were really lucky today because he turned around and looked at you. You smiled and got your mobile out of your pocket. He walked closer to the gate and put an arm around your shoulder while you took the picture. ,, Thank you so much Niall" you said and he smiled and took a pic with the girl next to you. You took a look at the picture. ,, Oh no I´m looking so ugly" you said because you thought that no one would hear it. 30 minutes passed and the boys finished taking pictures to get ready for the show. The big doors opened and the security let you all in. Your dad got you front row seats so you were right in front of the stage. The show began and you had the time of your life but you were still sad because you thought that you looked ugly in the picture with Niall. It was time for the boys to sing What makes you Beautiful but before the song started a security guy came over to you. First you thought he would walk over to an other girl but he stopped right in front of you. ,, Hey you, please come with me" he told you. YOu were totaly shocked but he helped you to climb over the gate anyway. He led you over to the stairs which led up to the stage. The song started to play and the security guy told you to wait. Your heart was racing as you watched the boys sing the refrain. ,, What is going on?" you thought. Suddenly Niall walked over to you and gave you a sign to come up. You nearly fell while you slowly walked up the stairs. At the last stair, Niall took your hand and led you to the middle of the stage. The boys kept on singing but something was different today. Harry didn´t sing his solo at the end but Niall did. He stood directly in front of you and sang Harry´s part. YOu still din´t knew what was going on so you just smiled shyly. When the song was over, Niall smiled at you. ,, Never say that you are ugly again" he whispered and led you back to the stairs.

A/N: I´m really sorry that it took me so long but if you read the Authors note I wrote before you´ll know why !! I hope you like it :)

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